Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Pictures

The girls were playing together in Atley's crib yesterday. They are really able to enjoy each other now and like to play with the other one's toys. When one baby is being held, the other one gets jealous and wants to be held too.
They are still eating squash and sweet potatoes (which I steam and puree myself), bananas and avocados. I am going to start feeding them peas this week! They are great eaters and are getting really good at it.
Avery is our champion sleeper. Once she is asleep, she won't wake up until 7am. Atley only wakes up once or twice a night now and needs her paci to put her back to sleep. This is a real improvement for her :)
Both girls are napping right now. It is their 3rd nap today. Yes, they are 8 months old and still take 3 naps a day! But each one is really short. They are cat nappers. In fact, I just heard Atley give me the wake up cry.
Enjoy some new pics!
We love you all!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Our First Blog

Can you believe it... I am finally starting a blog about our sweet tiny twins, Atley and Avery. Well they are not so tiny anymore...they are 8 months old. I actually had time today to sit down and use the computer for longer than 10 minutes. Oh wait...I hear Avery crying....
Ok, we are back. She is helping me type now :)
I wanted to keep you all up to date on their sweet personalities and pictures. When you check this site there may be more pictures than typing because sitting down and writing down my thoughts is sometimes hard to do with two babies to keep up with.
As of Saturday (8-25-07) the girls were 8 months old. Atley has been rolling around the living room for a couple of weeks now, and has recently added "dadada dedede" to her baby talk. When others are around she is reluctant to go anywhere else than in mommy or daddy's arms.
Avery is our studious baby. She loves to study people's collars, jewelry, faces, and toys. She is vocal as well, and has the sweetest big smile.
Both girls are sitting up and love to talk and touch each other. They recently had their first fight over a toy, and Atley won. Avery was crying. So the next day Avery tried again, and she got the toy this time.
They love Lilly (our little white dog) and she loves them.
They also love their daddy and love to play with his hair. They actually don't pull it! They just wave it back and forth. It is so sweet to watch. They are mesmerized by him and smile and laugh at him ALL the time.
Every day they are more fun and with each new stage comes more laughter and joy.
I will post pictures and new stories as often as I can.
In the mean time, I'm off to change a poopie diaper and marinate chicken for dinner.