Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Rombach Farms on Saturday and had a little photo shoot with the pumpkins.

Avery and Atley enjoying the pumpkins and hay

Avery was ALL smiles!

Atley's new hair doo.

Our Family

We had such a fun time on Saturday at the Pumpkin Patch. What was really cool about it was that it was almost exactly one year ago that Phillip and I went and took this next picture...

I was 5 months pregnant with the twins and this was about 2 weeks before I was put in the hospital. We decided to go back this year with the girls and celebrate a fantastic, healthy, and happy year. We will try to make this a yearly tradition.
The girls loved the pumpkins. Especially Avery. Atley loved the hay. They were so fun to watch, and when they are bigger, we'll take them back to ride the ponies.
We hope you are all having a fantastic Fall!
Love, The Hunters

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dallas and Diapers

The girls and I just spent 10 days in Dallas with my family. It was great to see everyone. Especially my pregnant sister Angie and her big belly. How nice it was to have help 24/7 and be around my family so much. My friends Betsy and Lauren came out to see us (and Betsy's mom Barbara) and my mom bought a swing for the girls. They loved swinging and swimming in the backyard.

The girls are now eating in their high chairs. They are still working on picking up food, but like to sit up and play in their new chairs.

What a blessing. They have come a long way in 20 years. We love them and they are so easy to use. We never have to buy diapers again! They come in all different colors too, which is so fun.
Here are Atley and Avery sporting their new "diaper bottoms" as we call them because they are a tad bit bigger :)

Update on Avery - She is finally rolling over, both ways, all the time. She is such a studious baby that she was content to sit and watch her sister roll all over the house. Well, she has decided to join in the fun. She also can get on her "all fours"and rocks a little. She is not crawling yet, but soon. Atley is scooting forward more and more everyday. She will be up and crawling in no time. Also, Avery has TWO TEETH! I've tried and tried to get pictures of her pearly whites, but its hard when they are still so small. Her bottom two teeth are coming in! She is also squinting up her nose when she smiles, which is the cutest thing on earth.
Atley gives hugs and kisses. The other day Avery was crying and Atley leaned over and hugged her. So sweet.
There are always so many new things happening around here that I am glad I have a way to let everyone know. It is just hard to sit down and actually type it out sometimes.
I'll work on getting some new pics this week.
That's all for now!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wood Floors and Tom Sawyer

Last week we spent our first nights in a hotel with the girls. Phillip lead worship at Hannibal La Grange College in Hannibal, MO. Matt played the drums and Ashley sang. They did lots of Kari Jobe songs and it was amazing! His dad was preaching, (his mom came too!) we were all there hanging out, worshipping, swimming and shopping. As most of you know (or didn't, like me!) Tom Sawyer was from Hannibal, MO. They have his house land marked and turned into a museum, and a white fence out front too. The whole town is crazy about Tom, so we got the girls' picture behind his board. It was a fun trip!

We got home on Friday afternoon and immediately Phillip ripped out our carpet in the main living area and hallway. Early Saturday morning we began having wood floors put in. It was so exciting...and LOUD! The girls and I hung out back in their bedroom most all day. I was SO ready for this day to be over. They finished at 8pm that night and Phillip and I cleaned till 11pm. I love the floors! Feels so clean and open now! On Sunday I cleaned some more and FINALLY I've put my house back together. Thanks to my mom. She came up on Tuesday and has been watching the girls for me so I could just do things around my house.
She also came up to help me fly to Dallas with two babies. We are flying with the girls to Dallas tomorrow. We will have Angie's baby shower on Saturday and then we'll stay that entire next week. I am so excited to get to go home for a while and see family, friends, and my sister's big belly! She and Al moved back to Dallas! Hip hip horray! We are so happy for them. Little Brenley will be here before we know it. (Nov.14th)
I am also going to try to attach a video of the girls playing and smiling. So cute.

Hope you all enjoy!
I'll try to post from Dallas if I can.

Love to all,

Our Tom Sawyer girls

Atley likes to prop herself up on her side

Avery playing in her crib

Our Wood Floors!

Here is the girl's video...pardon the banging in the background. This was the day our wood floors were being put in. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Air Show, Peas, Diamonds and a Cold

This weekend was very memorable. It started last Thursday when Avery's nose began running. Being the first time mom that am, I naturally thought she was teething...finally! Even the next day when she stI arted running a fever I still thought she was just going through that natural process of gum breaking, aching, teething. However, that night when both girls were extremely cranky and Atley began sniffling, I knew it wasn't the teeth was their FIRST COLD! I knew they would get one eventually, and what one gets, the other gets. They were very cranky for a few days, as they had never had a cold before, and didn't quite know what to do with all that snot in their nose! With Tylenol every 4 hours and plenty of syringing their little noses, we made it. Today they are definitely on the road to recovery. Phew! Not only did they have colds for a few days, we also had a very eventful weekend. Phillip's youngest brother Matt got engaged to the sweetest girl, Lauren Waeckerle. All day Saturday Phillip and I helped by delivering a surprise letter to her, and then Phillip put flowers on the bench that Matt was proposing by at the Botanical Gardens. Both families celebrated that night at Josh and Julies (Phillip's other brother and his wife).
On Labor Day, Monday, we went with some of our other friends Greg, Leah, Ashley and Darrin to the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show. We put the seats down in the back of the minivan and the girls had a great time playing, eating, and sweating!
Tonight Phillip is in Hannibal (me and the girls are going with him tomorrow) so I am home alone. The girls are in bed and I am making bottles, steaming vegetables, and rambling on and on in this blog.
Here is a picture of my first attempt at steaming peas. They will freeze in the ice cube trays and then I will pop them out and put them in a baggie. Sounds fun huh!? I also did sweet potatoes and made all their bottles for tomorrow.

I just thought I would update ya'll with the newest details in the life of Atley and Avery.
Have a great week!