Wednesday, July 22, 2009

While Daddy was gone

Each summer Phillip is gone for at least two different weeks on mission trips or youth camps. This year ZOE went to New Orleans for a World Changers mission trip in June. Last week they went to Daytona, Florida for Beach Camp with Student Life, and Loui Giglio and Chris Tomlin, and David Crowder. It was an amazing time and everyone has been raving about the trip since they've been back. Best of all, tons of kids were refueled to live for Christ daily, and 5 kids accepted Christ as their savior and Phillip got to baptize them in the ocean. I knew it would be a great trip and thought of literally EVERY possible option of how I could go too, but with these 3 under 3, I wasn't able to this year.
So, I planned and prepared a few things to get me by this past week.

Day 1, Sunday: Phillip got up and left at 7am. Megan (our college friend who is living with us this summer) and I were just pulling into the Church parking lot at 11am, and Canon threw up all over himself. On the way home he did it again, and 5 more times at home...needless to say we didn't go to church, or anywhere that day. So it seemed like a VERY long first day of Phillip being gone.
Poor Canon had to lay on the towel so he wouldn't throw up on the carpet (not that it matters since he threw up multiple times again yesterday all over that same carpet!). The girls have still never thrown up! Canon must have a very sensitive stomach!

Playing with their new Clippo table instead of being at Sunday school

They took a few mid morning baths last week. I put new toys in the tub and let them play for as long as they liked. Something to do!

Canon is back to all smiles. Standing up on his activity table.

We went to the park A LOT! It is a small park very close by so I can keep an eye on everyone. One day is had rained and was almost cold outside, so what did I do? I put them in rain boots and go to the PARK! What was I thinking? Yay they finally get to wear their rain boots and cute jeans! Well, they could barely pull their legs up to climb and their feet were lugging around those clunky boots which kept falling off. I laughed at myself and thought, "live and learn".

Playing with a new doll house. The girls are also both very into babies. They were fighting over the baby that came with this doll house. We are learning to share, set the timer, and switch toys.

Movie night with Mommy! We did this twice. After Canon went to bed, we would make pallets on the floor, eat popcorn, and watch a movie! They did great and it was so fun.

Coloring and stickers

Library books

Avery really worked on her potty training skills. She has only had one accident in two weeks, at home that is. Still wearing diapers when we are out.


We started a reading program from the Library.

Played outside. They started out with clothes on...but wanted to get in the pool. Why put on swimsuits when you are in the back yard?

Canon is such a good baby. He plays with whatever toys we give him, and will stay content for up to an hour just playing and watching all that is going on around him.

Playdough outside (this was before the water)

We (ok, I) drew portraits of each of them and they got to color them and put stickers on them. I am not an artist, so they look a little scary, but it was fun. They are still hanging up and every day they add a little more to them.

Atley by Canon's picture. She really decorated his.

Some other things we did:
went on a walk
went to whole foods with megan
went to Gigi's 3 times
played at the Thoms house
played with Mr. Potato Head
played Starfall on the computer
stayed home most of the time
went to Starbucks too many times - its a drive through!
made MckMama's nut butter recipe - thanks Courtney!
made Date Muffins
I made Christmas ornaments and pumpkin t-shirts
We missed Phillip a ton!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cute tots

A blog I follow called "Totally Tots" featured us under their cute tots section! Click on the link to the right to check us out!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spunky Beans

First of all, this is how we are eating almost all of our meals lately. When Daddy is here for dinner we crowd around our kitchen table. But the big girls sit in the stools while Canon is in their old high chair. Lots of sweet little mouths to feed :)
And on to Spunky Beans.
We went to a friends 3 year old birthday party last weekend and the kids had so much fun. There was a lady there from Spunky Beans and she face/arm painted and did balloon creations. She was super speedy, very good with all the crazy kids, and also very talented!

Atley got a monkey on one arm and a pink flamingo on the other arm

Avery got a STL Cardinals bird on one arm and a butterfly on the other arm

They all got shaker balloons, and she even made Canon's with a little handle for him. Some of the bigger kids got big elaborate balloons, she was really good. Great idea for a birthday party!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Grandparents and Great Wolf Lodge

On the 2nd of July Phillip and I went to visit his grandma at a very close by retirement home. She recently moved here from Washington state and we try to visit her as often as possible, with three little sets of hands who get into everything:)
Grandma Hunter is very good at throwing and catching the ball. This was good practice for them all.

The next day we met up with my family, who had traveled from Dallas, to Warrensburg, MO to visit my dad's parents. My grandmother also recently moved into a nursing home, while my very active grandpa still lives at their home. So we all met at the nursing home for a few hours to visit.
Atley (as always these days) was less shy and when asked hopped right up into Grandma Ruth's arms and hugged and kissed her. I got these three sweet pictures of Grandma was crying the whole time. So sweet.

My dad with Avery and Murphy (who the girls still call Mercy).

Phillip was introducing Al to the Iphone, which Phillip just got, and now I can pretty much do anything!

Sitting and playing with the grandkids. This is the ONLY picture I got of my kid's only remaining great grandfather. He and my dad just went to Washington DC a few weeks ago for the veterans memorial. He is really with it for his age!

After we visited for a while in Warrensburg, we went on to Cameron to visit my Grandma Griffin. She lives at her home and the kids had a great time running around and exploring all of her toys.
Canon especially loved this tractor! I think he's really ready for some BOY TOYS!

Holding hands with Uncle Danny

Avery, Brenley, and Atley waiting for their ice cream cake. As always they had a great time with Brenley and love having another playmate around.

Sweet Brenley in her cute 4th of July outfit! She is always so happy and loves to play with the "big" girls.

I thought this picture makes Atley look so grown up!

My Grandma Griffin with Canon - this is the BEST picture!

We tried to get all four kids in a picture together and this was literally the best I had...

My sister and I with our kids and our grandma. By this point they were about to have melt downs. We were on our way out.

but not before we got a picture of all the family (except mom and dad) with grandma

After that we headed on to Kansas City and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge . It is a huge hotel with an indoor water park. They had 4th of July festivities, and the kids (as well as the adults) loved playing in the water and going down the big water slides. Yes, we took our little kids(even Brenley went!) on the big water slides and they loved it!

Of course I have NO pictures from the Lodge, but my sister does on her blog
She has some great ones of all our girls going down the kid slides.
Thanks Ang!

Happy belated 4th of July everyone

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


my precious 3 under 3

phillip showered before work
both girls showered with me, just so I could get a shower
canon threw up on himself in the crib and got a bath
canon threw up on himself and me and we both took a shower
avery pooped in her bed and got a cold shower
we all went swimming with lots of chlorine and all 5 of us took yet ANOTHER SHOWER!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Christmas in July

We've started singing Christmas music around here, and listening to it while we play. The girls are obsessed with "baby Jesus" which is just precious. They are already so excited that they share the same birthday. Nonetheless, they want to sing about him all the time too...which is why "Away in a Manger" is their favorite song. I love Christmas time and we are already anticipating celebrating Christ's birth this Christmas season! All of this to say...that is why I've changed my blog background :)

Summer Dallas Trip 2009

Again, my sister is doing a fabulous job at posting every day to share about our adventures while in Dallas for 2 1/2 weeks. This is a ginormous post of pictures with little captions...and does not do the trip justice. We had a GREAT time with family and saw a few friends too. Phillip and I are so blessed by both our families and count it a joy to spend such intense time with my family in Dallas every summer for a few weeks.

Phillip drove us down to Dallas, stayed a few days, and then flew back to STL to take ZOE on a mission trip to New Orleans. He then went back to STL and stayed a few days, working, and then flew back to Dallas again for a few days and drove us home. What a sweet, serving hubby I have! Here is is lounging with Canon beside the pool while Canon took his 10 minute afternoon power nap.

Avery swinging with pops, one of their favorite things to do together :) I didn't get a picture of this, but Atley's favorite thing to do with Pops is drive the Jeep out on the walking path. She can press the peddle down and Pops runs along next to her steering the wheel. Brenley is Atley's perfect passenger and just sits so quietly while Atley drives like a wild woman.

Atley loved playing with the Fischer Price toys that were ours when we were little.

Brenley is a wild woman in the pool and has no fear of the water. She was so cute, still loving to chew on shoes :)

Nana and Avery in the pool. We would get in the pool every afternoon after naptime. There was a great amount of shade and we only put sunscreen on one time because we really didn't need it...even though it was almost 100 degrees every day! Both girls really improved their swimming skills and can now go under water and blow bubbles in the water. Their favorite thing to do with Nana was go on adventure walks on the walking path. They would go for 1-2 hours each time and would explore the trees, play with frogs, and throw rocks into the pond. Thanks mom for awakening thier desire to learn and explore!

Aunt Amber with Canon. She and Danny were so sweet to come out 3 times while we were in town. They live almost an hour away and brought their sweet new puppy Murphy each time:)

Canon and Uncle Danny - such a cute picture

Atley and Avery playing with Murphy. They call him "Mercy" and LOVE him. They were asking about him every day, and loved it when he came out. Avery, being the little mommy that she is, would follow him around and try to feed him.

Brenley playing with Murphy. We had 4 babies and 4 little white dogs. It was crazy and so fun!

Sweet big boy Canon. He was really able to start scooting around on my parent's rug and now that we are home he is getting faster and faster at it!

Avery using the potty :) So cute and funny. Sidenote on pottytraining: we quit while in Dallas after Atley peed on my mom's new couch :) I am starting back up with Avery in another week :)

Aunt Angie running around the house chasing all of our wild kids

Sweet Atley and her pretty blue eyes. They all got their daddy's blue eyes :)

I just love him!

All the kids in the bathtub. We only did this 3 times while we were there. My parent's pool is a saltwater pool and that pretty much counted as their bath everyday:)

Sweet River Berre. He and Canon are best friends and really do like playing together. On this day, I noticed Canon's tooth coming in and he was cranky (which he never is!) so he was asleep most of the time River was here :(

Happy Birthday Uncle Danny and Uncle Al! We had a birthday party with Ice Cream cake and I had told the girls that they could have some after dinner.

Brenley and Avery waiting expectantly

Atley is eyeing the cake and waiting patiently. She loved the cake and kept asking for more. A little two year old can only have SO much ice cream cake!

This is what happened when I took it away from her. Seriously, this is why we don't let them have sweets that often. If they never knew it was there, they wouldn't know what they were missing.

Sweet precious pretty Brenley. Such a big girl this summer, running and talking and able to follow directions! My sister Angie and I have had our babies in Dec. Nov. Oct. and she's due in Oct. the day after Canon's first birthday. So our kids are always the same stages each summer. ex: brenley is the same age the girl's were last summer, doing the same things. canon is the same age brenely was last summer, and will be brenley's age next summer (crazy!), and Angie's new baby GIRL will be Canon's age next summer. it really is perfect because we never have a new walker stumbling around outside and falling into the pool.

Cutie boy ready for church

Avery all giggles before church (she didn't know we were going to church or she would have wanted to stay home). She is having a really hard time withe separating from mommy lately.

And yes, here is the poop picture. It was on ALL THREE walls, and this picture doesn't do it justice! It was on the floor, on their hands and feet, their lambs...everything. After much scrubbing, my parents are going to have to repaint the walls :) Twins instigate each other I am learning.

Canon had a high fever for 3 days, then broke out in a rash = roseola. Here he is laying on the floor in his swim diaper, totally chilled out, sporting a fever and new tooth...poor guy!

Right after I took the picture, he fell asleep

Here is the the next day, so tired he fell asleep sitting up in my sister's arms!

He started eating solid foods while we were in Dallas. (Lots of firsts for Canon!)

This was a typical day for us. 3 adults and 6-7 babies running around. My sister keeps kids in her home M-Th each week. And a few times we went over there to visit here, but mostly she came over to my mom's house. It is bigger with more space for them to run around. We even had rooms for all of them to sleep and would have them all sleeping at the same time most days!


eating popcicles

If you look close you can see Canon's red spots from the roseola

Car ride home. Avery and Atley had neck pillows to help them sleep and it actually did help Atley. Avery only wanted to feed her monkey and did not keep it on except for this picture. All three kids were in the middle seat of our car. The back seats were folded down to hold all of our stuff. From the looks of this you'll see we obviously don't have the minivan anymore...bye bye Goldie. We haven't come up with a name for our new car's a Yukon.

Here Atley is at home. I found her like this the other day. She had sorted all of her kitchen food and utensils! Such a smartie!

Ok, sorry for the massive post. Hope you enjoy all the pictures, we sure enjoyed taking them!!