Monday, June 29, 2009

for now

My sister is doing a blog every day to update about our trip to Dallas and all of the things we did there. Until I get around to doing my own blog with pictures and stories, just check hers out here. Thanks Angie!

Monday, June 22, 2009

our trip so far

While here in Dalls, we've been doing so many things. Here are just a few:
spending time with family
playing with my sister Angie and her daughter Brenley every day here at my mom's house
swimming a LOT - Atley can go under the water for almost 5 seconds now, and loves it
Angie is having another GIRL
meeting our new nephew/dog - Murphy
watching uncle Al's baseball game
going on walks with Nana
going to parks
dinging some lady's black BMW car door while she was watching
spending more time with family
Canon is scooting around and eating avocado, bananas and egg yolk
Canon got his FIRST tooth
twins are sleeping in a closet, on the floor, in sleeping bags
enjoying my friend Betsy and her baby River
grieving with our friend who lost a baby
Celebrating birthdays and anniversarys
getting excersise running up and down the stairs to check on the girls...which sadly last night I waited too long to do. another post for another day, but I'll leave you with this: poop on the walls!
so long! I'll have pictures next time:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

We are crazy like that

On Tuesday morning I literally cleaned myself out of the house. Broom in hand, sweeping my footsteps away, I hung it in the garage, hopped in the car and off we went to Branson. We were going to visit Phillip's brother Matt and his wife Lauren at K-Kauai, the Kanakuk Family Kamp. It was a great day traveling, and getting to see Matt and Lauren. We got to tour the kamp, and swim in the amazing pool. Canon even fell asleep in my arms and the girls loved spashing around in the ginormous kiddie pool with fountains and water sprayers. It was great. We went to dinner with M & L and then headed back to kamp to stay the night. This would be the girl's first time to sleep in a regular bed, since they are still sleeping in their (super low) cribs at home. (side note: they can climb out of everyone elses cribs now, excpet their own. I know they CAN climb out of theirs, but Avery hasn't dared to do it again. However, when we are at anyone elses house, a climbing they go...) So Phillip went off to K-Life and I layed down with all 3 kids in the bed, thinking the girls would literally poop out after a long, no nap, day. After 15 minutes of bouncing and me wanting to pull my hair out. We put on our shoes and went to join Phillip at K-Life. Once in there, I mentioned just getting in the car and heading to Dallas. (We weren't supposed to leave for Dallas until the next morning.) So, spur of the moment, we loaded all three kids up, packed up the car, put in a movie, and within 10 minutes on the road...they were all knocked out. We kept thinking, what are we doing...just going to drive all night? Which is what my mom and I had actually done before. We are crazy like that. We were all set to roll into Dallas about 4:30am, until the storm hit. It was much like the storm that hit last night here in Dallas, and I'm sure has hit just about all over the middle pat of America by now. The kids kept waking up crying becuase really it's not that comfortable to sleep in the car, and by the time 11:30 rolled around, we were checking into a Holiday Inn Express in Miami, OK. It was an unexpected little "family trip" to the hotel, where the girls slept like big girls in a bed, and Canon, Phillip and I slept a little in ours. We got up, showered, ate a continental breakfast and headed out. Finally, we were really going to Dallas. We got in to Dallas about 1pm and got to spend the day soaking in the sun and playing in the pool. We got to watch our sweet neice Brenley last night and then spent our 4th anniversary sitting on the couch talking about our wedding FOUR years ago! I am SO blessed to be married to Phillip and admire and love him SO much more than I could have known only 4 short years ago. He is an amazing husband and father and I am so thankful the Lord gave him to me. When we met we were truly seeking the Lord first, not a mate, and when we both looked over (literally at the dinner table at Pine Cove) we were both running the race together, and we knew that by putting Christ first, in every area of our lives and marriage, we would have the sweetest marriage we could image. And after 4 years, I'm proud to say we are more in love now than the day we got married, and know that in 4+4+4+4+40 years later we are still going to be going strong....ONLY by putting Jesus at the center of it all:)
I love you Phillip Andrew Paul!

So we are in Dallas for 2 1/2 weeks and I'll try to post some pictures while we are here...that is IF I take any! I haven't so far.
There is never a dull moment :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Denver with some Besties

A few weeks ago I went to Denver, CO. to visit my friend Lauren, who just had a baby girl, Annalea, 3 months ago. She and I and Betsy were all 3 a Tri Delt Trio in College, and have remained close friends ever since. Betsy had her first baby boy, River, just 12 days before Canon was born. The 3 of us had the best time in Denver, at Lauren's house. I don't have many good pics to show for it, but here are a few. Betsy has some better ones on her blog, check it out here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

for sale

anyone interested in moving? moving to house? we are hoping to sell our house and move to a new development in Eureka, where we can build a new house at a comparable price to living in Wildwood. We are excited about the opportunity to do this, but of course, need to sell our house first. We LOVE our house, and so will you! I know that most of you who read my blog don't even live in St. Louis, but for those of you who do, maybe you know a family who is moving, or looking for a home here. I just wanted to get the word out. If you have any helpful leads for me, you can always email me at
in the mean time, I am really enjoying having a CLEAN house! Maybe I don't love cleaning it all the time, but it's worth it. We had our first "showing" tonight. And it was a bust. We left 20 min. early, and they called 5 minutes after we left saying it was cancelled. All that work for nothing:) Oh, well. We still took the kids to the park and had a picnic and then came home, put them all to bed, and enjoyed our pefectly spotless house.