Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One month

Canon is now one month old and the girls are one month away from turning two! It will seem crazy to have two 2 year olds. Even though I have another baby, time has gone by way too fast and they are growing up too fast. Here are some recent pictures from our last week.

Canon snoozing away....

Avery, Canon, Noah, Atley
Sweet Leah got the girls their sweaters when they were born and then got Canon one too. Canon and Noah's have their birth order on the front (01, 03) and Hunter and Schuster on the back. It is so cute. They all wore them to church on Sunday and didn't even plan it!

Atley getting tired
I just loved their outfits on Sunday. Daddy was preaching and we were so excited and wanted to dress extra cute. So I squeezed them into their boots that are from last year and bribed Avery with food to keep her bow in. Phillip did a GREAT job and we were so proud of him. But of course I knew he would do great :)
One of these days we will get a picture of all three where Canon is not screaming....
Sweet baby, I just LOVE him!
Merry Christmas early! We decorated for Christmas last Thursday and all dressed up in Red and played Christmas music. It is our favorite holiday, and of course the girl's birthday, so it is extra fun to anticipate it.
Canon is wearing Phillip's outfit from when he was a newborn. It is so cute and just barely fit Canon, but we were so glad we got a picture of him in it!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and goodbye to all, from the little monkey...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Brenley is One!

My sweet little niece turned One Year Old on Sunday. Click here to see some cute pictures of her!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

my 3 under 2

Just as I predicted, Avery is in love with Canon. Of course Atley likes him as well, but doesn't try to meet his needs and want to hold him like Avery does. Even as I am typing (with one hand since I'm feeding Canon at the same time) Avery has her favorite baby doll and has put her in the bouncy seat and swing, wrapped her up in Canon's baby blanket, and now is wrapping her beanie monkey up in the blanket as well. She has always been such a little mother. There have already been multiple times that Canon has cried and Avery has run over to him, or gotten up on the bed to peek into his pack n play, and tried to put his paci back in for him. I'm trying to be relaxed about this since Avery has also had a snotty cold and I'm sure has dirty hands.... I guess Canon will have some good immunity!

Avery loving her brother

Both girls holding (or squishing) Canon

They were kissing him

Atley with Canon. Don't worry, he wasn't screaming, he was actually yawning!

Let's tickle him!

Atley is leaving and Avery is going to pick him up...or just let him fall into the corner of the chair.

I love him!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Shower

Two weeks ago I had a super sweet baby shower up at the ZOE house. I was so blessed by so many with gifts and sweet blessings written for Canon. Phillip and I have received so much from so many people are truly our "cup is overflowing!" Thank you to those that came and helped and watched as I frantically opened SO many gifts. I had two (well 3 really) baby showers with the girls. One in Dallas, and one here. But I was in the hospital so I didn't get to go to either. So they had a mini one up at the hospital for me there, which was so sweet. So this was fun to actually be AT my baby shower this time, and get to bring along a healthy 9lb baby boy! We are so happy little Canon arrived on his DUE DATE, healthy and with no problems. What a blessing! Here are some more pictures from the shower.

Julie and I

My favorite, M&M's! Of course they were blue and brown to match the theme!

My mom with Canon, sleeping! He slept the entire time and then wanted to eat as soon as I finished. I used my "hooter hider", which my wonderful sister made for me, and everyone went on and on about how great that thing is....and it is!

My mother in love reading a few scriptures and doing a sweet job of affirming me in front of everyone. It was so sweet!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They are all asleep....

I'm taking this moment to update my blog with some new random pictures of our past week. I know it is really common to take a million pictures of your firstborn and not so many of your second, or third children. Well...that is already happening. I'm really trying sweet Canon, I am!

Here is Canon's hair. I barely comb it up after washing it, and it stays like this for days! I don't put anything in it either. It's like grass growing right off the top of his head :)

On Sunday we went to church for the first time, and also to a wedding. Canon did great and was so cute in his little outfit, which we borrowed from Noah.

Yes, his hair is almost blonde when it is washed! We went to Columbia on Saturday for the Mizzou game. Noone went to the game because it was freezing, so we all stayed at the Willetts (our dear friends/semi-parents) and again, Canon did great all day! Here he is in his Tigers outfit sleeping with daddy before the big car ride.

Avery and Atley are still really into books these days. They are reading to themselves lately and babble words as they flip the pages, its so cute.

The girls are playing with Lilly. Avery has also started going up to Lilly and giving her hugs.

Canon went with us last week to vote. He wore this onsie in hopes to sway some voters by his cuteness :)

I had a baby shower last week and got TONS of great stuff! Here I am about to go through it all at home and organize it! My favorite thing...:)

Aunt Lauren holding Canon for the first time at the baby shower. :)
That is all for now. Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, November 7, 2008

we are making it

my mom left tuesday and i've had a couple of days now on my "own" with my many small children. Today was actually my first day all by myself since Wednesday my mother in law comes over to help at dinner/bath/bed time and Thursday mornings are Phillip's mornings off. So other than Avery spilling hot tea on herself and both girls having major poopies at the same time as Canon, and Canon going through FOUR outfits because he's peeing out of his newborn diapers (too small)...we had a relatively great day. Phillip came home for dinner and then went back to ZOE for the night so it is still just me here with my little ones. Canon is due for a feeding any minute and then I'm off to bed as quick as I can. Just like clockwork...he's crying and so is Avery!! I'm off! Until later....Shelly