Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pink Dallas Driving

I am in Dallas.
Canon and I flew in on Thurday to attend Gateway Church's Pink Impact Conference. Miriam Webster and Kari Jobe led worship...WOW. and the speakers were amazing. Canon was the perfect little baby. He loved praise and worship and just about everybody commented on how cute he was!
Phillip is on his way here now. He is driving the ZOE 15 passenger van with Atley and Avery, Ashley and 5 high school students. They are going to the National Yough Leader's Conference here in Dallas this week. I can't wait for them to get here! I miss my girls and hubby!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As long as your ears are warm

Aren't they just the most handsome boys!

I'm in LOVE!

This is an example of their PJ's lately...yes, she has shorts on over her PJ's, and duct tape with her name on it.

Getting ready to go to the Chiropractor, ZOO, and dinner for Mimi and Papa's 36th Wedding Anniversary. Big, long, fun day yesterday!

A new "water/sand" table from Mimi! It was so fun to play in today, even though the weather turned a little cold, and the water was cold, at least their ears were warm!

This was before they discovered it was really just fun to water the dead looking plants. They literally pored all of the water out onto the plants, and had so much fun.

My Hoosier looking clothes line?! We are working on making a new one :)

They play peek-a-boo any way they can. So cute.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Cedar, Chopped Hair, Duct tape

Phillip and I were completely blessed last week to get to go to Big Cedar Lodge for two nights. Some friends from church could not go, so we got their cabin all to ourselves!! It was amazing, so nice, and wonderful to get away in such great weather.

The girls are reading their new BOZ books on the way down to Branson.

As soon as we got to our cabin the girls were off and running, exploring every new room and drawer.

Sweet Canon was content to just sit and watch them run around. He was SUCH a good baby the whole time. We took THREE pack and plays. The girl's got their own room, Canon slept in the main living/kitchen area, and Phillip and I had a really nice master suite. Perfect.

This is the Kitchen. They had a huge shower with 4 shower heads, and a whirlpool bathtub, both of which the girls spent hours in.

At Bass Pro down at The Landing, looking at fish.

Avery's hair curled up so cute! Must have been the humidity.

Avery petting the horses.

Atley petting the horse. They were so cute, waving and saying "hi" to the horses every time we drove by the stables. Such simple things make them so happy. I love it!

Swimming in the indoor pool. They don't look that happy but I promise they were having fun :)

First time in the pool for Canon!

One ready, one to go.

We had a great time!

Avery and Atley got hair cuts on Sunday and sweet Avery's doesn't look much different. But her curls sure are cute~!

Atley's hair before....

And after! We got it chopped.

She looks precious and her hair is much easier to manage now. What a cutie!

Lastly, we are having quite the time getting Avery to keep her clothes on in her bed at night. Many times we will go in to check on her and she is completely naked. Or she will cry in the night because she peed, and was naked, so we have to change her sheets, clothes, diaper and all. So...my sweet, smart husband duct taped her pj's on last night. He wrote her name on it and called it her name tag. Of course Atley wanted one too, so they went to bed with duct tape wrapped around them and woke up this morning completely clothed! Way to go honey, don't you just love duct tape?
and who spells duct tape, duck tape?....me:)