Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday...Take 2

How cute is he! He wears this little bear snuggle outfit every time we go out. This one is a size 6mth....I think we'll have to get a bigger one before winter is over :)

Happy Birthday to the girls, for the second time! Phillip and I celebrated on Thursday morning and started some new traditions for the girls. These pictures are really out of order...

First of all, Avery peed in the potty! They were just practicing before they got in the bath, and this was their first time to sit on it without a diaper on. Avery's potty made a jingle noise, and sure enough she had peed! We were so proud of her. We are not potty training yet, just getting them familiar with it for now. Their birthday was all about pottys. Potty chairs, potty you'll see below.

We bundled up and took all of our neighbors cookies. We wanted to say hi and merry Christmas before we hibernate for the winter. It is freezing was 4 degrees this morning when we got out!

Birthday Banana Pancakes!

Atley and Avery opening their new books

Daddy is reading them their new books...I'm so glad they love to read!

Happy two year olds!

When they woke up they each had yarn tied to their cribs. They had to follow the yarn all over the house until it ended at their big present. Of course we had to show them how to do it this year, but each year it will get more fun.

Avery following her yarn

It ended at their big pottys!!


next post...Happy Birthday Take 3!
stay tuned

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday...take 1

Yesterday we celebrated the girl's birthday with Phillip's family, Joe and Babs, and Ashley. It was so sweet to see the girls interact more this year and be more excited about presents and cake. We missed you Lauren and Matt!

This is where I sat most of the afternoon :) I love my hooter hider :)

Sweet Atley

Avery and Atley playing with their new water color toys!

Uncle Josh and Canon staring at something....:)

Grammi helping Avery

Atley loves coloring

Avery reading the book she got Grammi for Grammi's birthday

They got Christian Barbies from Josh and Julie. Their names are Hannah and Sarah. The girls loved them! Especially Avery. Here she is kissing Hannah.

"Oh, Hannah! I think you're beautiful!"

She really likes her :)

"I'm stuffed!"

So silly, putting a bow on her head

"I think I'll do it too!"

Opening the bracelets Grammi made them. Mommy got one too!

"Hannah and Sarah, we love you!"

Eating Ice Cream Cake!

Daddy and Uncle Josh were helping them eat it.
See the bands on the girl's cups? They have their names on them. These were presents from Joe and Babs. How great to keep their cups separate now!

The girls with Grammi and Grandpa

Daddy and Mommy letting them taste the cake


Friday, December 12, 2008

December Days...

Yesterday we had Ashley come over to take our Christmas picture with her nice camera. Here are some shots from the day...

Atley getting ready for the pictures

One of our family shots

Atley getting some kisses from Lilly

All 3. At least Canon is not crying, he actually fell asleep sitting there!

My sweet babies

Here is Avery in her new coat from cute!

Me and my handsome little man

The girls in some other really cute new coats from a sweet ZOE family (thanks Paluzzi's!)

7 weeks old!

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree!

This is our new game. I clap his hands together and he smiles at me. He is even laughing and coo'ing. I love it!

Here are the girls opening their new coats.

All smiles!!
He went to the dr. at 6 weeks and weighed 12.12lbs! 94% for weight!
We have been to SO many doctors in the past 2 weeks. My OB, Canon's Dr., the Dermatologist, and 5 times to the Chiropractor. Canon has been pretty colicky and we have been getting him adjusted twice a week. It has helped significantly and we are so thankful to Dr. Suiter! It's amazing what an adjustment can do. He is so much happier, sleeps better, and is overall less cranky in the late evenings (what a blessing!). We also got some colic calm, check it out!

Off to wrap some Christmas presents!
Merry Christmas to all, a little early...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Usually for Thanksgiving we go to Florida with Phillip's family and spend a week at the beach, reading, relaxing, playing games and having a great time. But this year we didn't think it would be as fun to make the trip with a newborn so we decided to stay here. My family was so sweet to drive and fly all the way up to spend Thanksgiving with us and cram into our house...all 8 adults, 4 babies, and 3 little white dogs. We had a great time. Here are some highlights:
1. Trying to get all 4 grandchildren in a picture with Nana and Pops
2. Phillip borrowed the ZOE house's fancy new cofee maker and made us lattes, mochas, and yummy drinks each night
3. The 3 grandgirls getting all bundled up and going on a freezing walk with Nan and Pops
4. Going to the park and running, climbing, and mostly sliding!
5. Dressing all the girls alike
6. Canon getting his first bath in the tub, instead of the sink :)
7. Eating Thanksgiving meal ALL together
8. The girls (plus Brenley, even though she's not in the pictures) painting with pudding in the bathtub
9. After everyone left on Sunday the girls and I started feeling a little sick...and so did other members of my family. The next day they had fevers and all the yuck so they were laying on the couch with cold rags on their heads, blankets, pacis, water and their only tv show they watch on...Lazytown.
Here are all the pictures of our great weekend~ Thanks again mom, dad, Angie, Al, Brenley, Danny and Amber for coming all the way here! We love you!

Also, check out our newest family dance!