Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Usually for Thanksgiving we go to Florida with Phillip's family and spend a week at the beach, reading, relaxing, playing games and having a great time. But this year we didn't think it would be as fun to make the trip with a newborn so we decided to stay here. My family was so sweet to drive and fly all the way up to spend Thanksgiving with us and cram into our house...all 8 adults, 4 babies, and 3 little white dogs. We had a great time. Here are some highlights:
1. Trying to get all 4 grandchildren in a picture with Nana and Pops
2. Phillip borrowed the ZOE house's fancy new cofee maker and made us lattes, mochas, and yummy drinks each night
3. The 3 grandgirls getting all bundled up and going on a freezing walk with Nan and Pops
4. Going to the park and running, climbing, and mostly sliding!
5. Dressing all the girls alike
6. Canon getting his first bath in the tub, instead of the sink :)
7. Eating Thanksgiving meal ALL together
8. The girls (plus Brenley, even though she's not in the pictures) painting with pudding in the bathtub
9. After everyone left on Sunday the girls and I started feeling a little sick...and so did other members of my family. The next day they had fevers and all the yuck so they were laying on the couch with cold rags on their heads, blankets, pacis, water and their only tv show they watch on...Lazytown.
Here are all the pictures of our great weekend~ Thanks again mom, dad, Angie, Al, Brenley, Danny and Amber for coming all the way here! We love you!

Also, check out our newest family dance!

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