Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One month

Canon is now one month old and the girls are one month away from turning two! It will seem crazy to have two 2 year olds. Even though I have another baby, time has gone by way too fast and they are growing up too fast. Here are some recent pictures from our last week.

Canon snoozing away....

Avery, Canon, Noah, Atley
Sweet Leah got the girls their sweaters when they were born and then got Canon one too. Canon and Noah's have their birth order on the front (01, 03) and Hunter and Schuster on the back. It is so cute. They all wore them to church on Sunday and didn't even plan it!

Atley getting tired
I just loved their outfits on Sunday. Daddy was preaching and we were so excited and wanted to dress extra cute. So I squeezed them into their boots that are from last year and bribed Avery with food to keep her bow in. Phillip did a GREAT job and we were so proud of him. But of course I knew he would do great :)
One of these days we will get a picture of all three where Canon is not screaming....
Sweet baby, I just LOVE him!
Merry Christmas early! We decorated for Christmas last Thursday and all dressed up in Red and played Christmas music. It is our favorite holiday, and of course the girl's birthday, so it is extra fun to anticipate it.
Canon is wearing Phillip's outfit from when he was a newborn. It is so cute and just barely fit Canon, but we were so glad we got a picture of him in it!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and goodbye to all, from the little monkey...


the Schusters said...

I can't believe he's one month already!!! Love the monkey on his little butt.

the broomes said...

Wow, Shelly-- it looks like you are adjusting great to life with 3 little ones...any advice?!? Have you attempted any outings on your own yet? Canon is so cute!

The Durham's said...

Ohhhhh, don't you just want to keep squeezing them??? He is absolutely adorable, and I loved the girls little outfits!! You are such a good mama!