Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Opps, to say the least, has been happening a lot around here lately. On Friday when Phillip and I got to Walmart, I remembered that my cell phone was ON top of the car! Well, it wasn't there by the time we got to walmart and had fallen off somewhere between there and home. We looked and looked when we got home...but to no avail. Phillip went that night and got me a new one...what a sweet husband!
Then on Sunday afternoon the kids got locked in the car, with the keys! Right after I had buckeled them all up, I shut the door and all the doors locked! I realized right away I was in trouble, the keys were on the floorboard, the kids all buckeled in, Phillip was out of town, I had no spair set of keys. I was a little panicky. I tried to get Avery to get out of her seat to help me unlock the door, but she was confused and this eventually led her to tears. I had called Phillip immediantely and he had a friend coming over who does this all the time. I was pretty calm when 15 minutes later he showed up and began working on the passenger side door. After that door wouldn't cooperate and unlock from the inside he said this might be a problem. It was then I started to get really nervous. It was like Canon could tell from inside the car, and he started screaming. Avery had fallen asleep by this time, and Atley was content just watching Mr. Paul pry the door open and mess with the locks. By this time Phillip's dad, and our family friend Joe Brooks came over. When nothing was working and Mr. Paul, who does this all the time, couldn't figure it out, I was about ready to break a window. One more man to the rescue, Brad Gilbert, who helps us buy and fix all our cars. He said he'd be over in 5 minutes and he knew he could get it. 4 men, a golf club, and an hour later, the door FINALLY opened! Canon was screaming for more than 30 minutes, and when I got him out he was COVERED in sweat! Poor thing! Avery was still asleep, and Atley was content to just sit there. What a sweetie! Needless to say, some lessons were learned on my part. Get a second set of keys, always double ckeck the doors before you shut them, and don't let your two year olds play in the front seat :)
We haven't gone anywhere since Sunday, I'm staying away from the car:)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Big News

Well, first of all, we sold our house today. We are moving in ONE MONTH! We don't know exactly where yet, but I'll keep you posted. I am so happy to be done with the house showing part of this, but there are quite a few months of change coming up for us. Not to mention I am now 9 weeks pregnant and definitely feeling sick more often. But, the Lord gave us this baby, and His timing is perfect.
Secondly, the girls are finally sleeping in big girl beds. I wanted to hold off as long as possible because well, they are twins, girls, best friends, love to talk, play, laugh, jump, read books together, pretend to be mommy to each other, and more....and the idea of them being able to have free range of their bedroom once the lights were out was more than overwhelming. But really, they were doing all of this anyway in their cribs, so I figured it really couldn't get any worse so why not! They did great the first week, and this second week has been more of a struggle. Especially nap time. But they are learning, and I think this comes as a blessing since we will be traveling, moving, and needing to be flexible in the next few months, and now we only have one in a crib instead of 3! It also helps that their big girl beds are actually their cribs, just with one of the sides off.

We also started TOT School. I found THIS blog a while back and have been planning and preparing to start this with the girls...on a mini scale. It is so fun to have a few easy, structured, planned activities to do with the girls when Canon goes down for his morning nap. They are learning some simple skills that they would be learning in preschool, but since they are home with mommy, they are doing TOT school:)
Here are our Tot Trays. See the website or email me to find out more information about this.

Canon, sweet boy, now has 6 teeth! And he is only 11 months old today!

Atley playing "dominoes" as part of her tot school on the first day.

Avery is waiting for school to begin

GO MIZZOU. Phillip and I are going to all the home games for Mizzou again this year, thanks to the sweet Willitt family. All the kids dress up in their Tigers gear every Saturday. You can't tell but Canon even has a Tigers outfit on,and the girls have on cheerleading outfits. So cute.

Friday, September 11, 2009




why is is that my child will not have a BM for an entire day and then have a blowout all over the floor? and yes, then the dog ate it. so sick! my dog has now officially eaten all 3 of my kid's poop at one time or another. no wonder i don't really like her :)

more to come later tonight hopefully!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

What can you do but laugh!

Yesterday we were at chick-fil-a and right before we were leaving we all began smelling "pooh." The girls were wearing underwear so we were hoping they hadn't had an accident in their pants...and thankfully they didn't. So we were about to get ready to leave when I literally heard a SPLAT on the ground underneath Canon! He was in his high chair and dripping out his leg was liquid poop!!! And it was splattered all over the floor, looking like throw up, but smelling much worse! My mother in law started helping me wipe it up, and Canon as well since it was STILL dripping out his leg. I didn't have any baby wipes, and the smell was getting worse! I got enough off the floor, and enough off of Canon to take him to the bathroom. Phillip was gettting a worker to come clean it up, and meanwhile Avery is wetting her pants:) In the bathroom I was really tempted to just stick him in the sink and begin stripping him down...but someone walked in behind me so off to the diaper changer in the stall I went. Again, with no baby wipes, I used dry toilet paper to try to wipe him down. Needless to say, I felt all covered in it by the time I was done, and Canon was happy as could be. We left the bathroom with all his clothes and diaper "wrapped" in paper towels and Canon in a way too small disposable diaper. It will always be a funny story to tell about him, but it wasn't very fun cleaning it up! It was one of those moments when you realize what just happened and it takes a moment for it to sink in becuase it was SO unexpected and you really don't want it to be real! Wouldn't it be funny to have had video or at least pictures of this from across the restraunt. I wonder what the people around us were thinking. We had already shoved 4 adults and 3 kids into a booth for lunch anyway, why not add a huge amount of liquid poop on the floor...while people are eating!