Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Big News

Well, first of all, we sold our house today. We are moving in ONE MONTH! We don't know exactly where yet, but I'll keep you posted. I am so happy to be done with the house showing part of this, but there are quite a few months of change coming up for us. Not to mention I am now 9 weeks pregnant and definitely feeling sick more often. But, the Lord gave us this baby, and His timing is perfect.
Secondly, the girls are finally sleeping in big girl beds. I wanted to hold off as long as possible because well, they are twins, girls, best friends, love to talk, play, laugh, jump, read books together, pretend to be mommy to each other, and more....and the idea of them being able to have free range of their bedroom once the lights were out was more than overwhelming. But really, they were doing all of this anyway in their cribs, so I figured it really couldn't get any worse so why not! They did great the first week, and this second week has been more of a struggle. Especially nap time. But they are learning, and I think this comes as a blessing since we will be traveling, moving, and needing to be flexible in the next few months, and now we only have one in a crib instead of 3! It also helps that their big girl beds are actually their cribs, just with one of the sides off.

We also started TOT School. I found THIS blog a while back and have been planning and preparing to start this with the girls...on a mini scale. It is so fun to have a few easy, structured, planned activities to do with the girls when Canon goes down for his morning nap. They are learning some simple skills that they would be learning in preschool, but since they are home with mommy, they are doing TOT school:)
Here are our Tot Trays. See the website or email me to find out more information about this.

Canon, sweet boy, now has 6 teeth! And he is only 11 months old today!

Atley playing "dominoes" as part of her tot school on the first day.

Avery is waiting for school to begin

GO MIZZOU. Phillip and I are going to all the home games for Mizzou again this year, thanks to the sweet Willitt family. All the kids dress up in their Tigers gear every Saturday. You can't tell but Canon even has a Tigers outfit on,and the girls have on cheerleading outfits. So cute.


Julianne said...

Love your updates! Beautiful family!

The Ruth Review said...

oh my goodness! that last picture of the whole family sort of made me tear up because it looks so sweet! we just love you all!! (missing you too)