Friday, September 11, 2009


why is is that my child will not have a BM for an entire day and then have a blowout all over the floor? and yes, then the dog ate it. so sick! my dog has now officially eaten all 3 of my kid's poop at one time or another. no wonder i don't really like her :)

more to come later tonight hopefully!


The Hunters said...
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the broomes said...

Hey Shelly, at least it was at HOME this time, right!!!:) Joshua was the king of blow-outs when he was a baby. We were once standing in the foyer of the church, talking with the pastor and all of the sudden I heard a SPLAT...yep...poop all over the floor...right in front of the pastor...oh, did you ever think you'd have so much to talk about on the subject of poop?!! HA!!!

The Buster Bunch said...

That is so gross Shelly! For such a prissy looking dog, she is gross!