Monday, July 28, 2008

its official...

well, its official....I'm getting big now. People are actually commenting on my belly and telling me how I'm really "popping out!" Of course this is nothing new to me since I see myself everyday in the mirror, and for all of you prego mommies out there, you always feel MUCH bigger looking in the mirror than when you just look down at your belly.

Last week was Hot Summer Nites at the ZOE house. It was AMAZING. In fact the first night they had such a huge crowd that there were literally NO spots to sit, and so they moved the next two nights up to the church sanctuary! They averaged about 280 kids each night. Each night tons of kids came and were excited to learn more about the Lord, and also be challenged to be more than just a "normal" Christian. ZOE is exploding right now and Phillip is busier than ever, but it is great because so many kids are coming to know the Lord. In fact he just went through the bible with 4 more kids today and they recieved Christ!

I always have intentions of blogging more often, but when I get a free minute without the girls I am usually spending it laying down. It is a little awkward to type laying down, so hopefully pretty soon I'll be able to sit up more and blog a little more before Canon comes and life gets even more busy:)

Here are some pictures of our recent events:

This was the last night of Hot Summer Nites. It was 80's night, so I thought I'd take a picture of myself at 27 weeks pregnant in the best 80's Maternity I could pull together:)

A sweet family gave us some new toys and this stroller was one of them. The girls LOVE it, and even started pushing each other around in it.

I thought I would let them use the spoon by themselves with yogurt the other was quite a MESS!

Here they are in two of the matching chairs Phillip found in someones driveway, sitting with their trash, waiting for the trash man!!! We know it was the Lord blessing us because they were in perfect condition and FREE! He also got two matching potty chairs that chime when you pee in them, again for FREE! A little bleach and they are practically brand new. Thanks Lord!

On Saturday we went to the pool with Josh and Julie, Jim, Mitzi & Mia , and Fulton and Rubi. Here we are hanging out at the baby pool.

Phillip and the girls. Atley LOVES to swim with her daddy and is ready to take off in the water.

On the way home.....they were pooped!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

another answer to prayer

I just found out today that I DO NOT have gestational diabetes! Another answer to prayer! I had this with the twins and was really not wanting to have it again because it requires more medicine (which I hate taking) and pricking your finger after every meal...yuck!
Just thought I'd share the news!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Hiding Poopie

I have many updates and pictures to share and no creative juices are here goes a numerical list of what is new with us:
1. first of all, my doctors appt. went great yesterday. My cervix was a 3.2, still stable and good, and my doctor was very pleased. She said I only have to come every two weeks now instead of every week and that I can also get up more than I have been. She said no going to the zoo and still lay down when I can, but just knowing I can get up more often gives me such a peace as I do the many motherly duties throughout the day....some more disgusting than others, as you'll hear about in a minute...
2. about 10 days ago my brother and his girlfriend came up to visit for a few days. we had a great time and drove around much of STL showing them the sites. We also went to the Cardinals game for the 4th of July and fireworks. It was a great time, and I loved having them here!
3. as soon as Danny and Amber left, my sister Angie and her 8 months old Brenley, and my mom came for the week. My sister did a great job blogging about our trip and taking lots of picture of our week. So check out her pics and info here. We went to visit my dad's parents, and my mom's mom. this is our 3rd summer to make this trip, and its a great time for everyone:) It is so great having my mom and sister here and they were a HUGE help. Please check out her blog...she has great pics!
4. Phillip took 62 students and adults to Daytona Beach, Florida for a Student Life Beach Camp. Louie Giglio and Chris Tomlin were the main guests and 6,500 other students from across the country were there as well. The week was unbelievable and Phillip even got the privileged of baptizing 6 of his students in the ocean. They had an amazing week, other than the 23hr bus ride with no air conditioning and no windows :)
5. the girls have been getting into EVERYTHING. The other day I was cleaning out a diaper in the bathroom and when I walked back into the living room the girls were both sitting on top of the kitchen table! Something new everyday!
6. Phillip and I were so blessed to find a big playhouse for $20 at a H.S. garage sale a few weeks ago. We put it up right there in our living room. It will eventually go downstairs, but for now it is a great place for the girls to play while mommy lays down on the couch. Sometimes what they take into the playhouse is a mystery to me because I can't see in there unless I poke my head in.
Well today Avery was whining and pointing into the playhouse and I decided to get up and take a look. It took me a second to realize what I was looking at....a big pile of poop! She had taken off her cloth diaper and the poop fell out, then she walked into the living room and let the whole diaper fall off. So after I am squished in the little playhouse, cleaning up poopie and trying desperately to keep the girls out (they were very curious as to what i was doing in there) I get out and clean up the toys it had touched. As I'm at the kitchen sink I hear a sprinkling sound and realized Avery is back in the same spot inside the playhouse, peeing on the floor! She walks out spreading the pee everywhere and once again I have a big mess to clean up. Thank goodness for wood floors and a sense of humor. I sure felt the prego belly today!

Enjoy the pictures!
This is a sideways picture of "the poopie" I found

Here is Avery looking at the pee she is standing in
This is our playhouse and Avery waving "bye bye" to me because she is about to go into it
Today when Phillip got home we went outside while he watered the flowers. Atley seemed interested in the hose, so he just got out the sprinkler. They loved it! Who needs swimsuits anyway....:)
This is when I found them on top of the kitchen table!
Here is Amber and Danny in Forest Park. We love you!
We took Danny and Amber down to the Arch and Phillip pushed me in a wheelchair. I've done some pretty humbling things since I've been unable to really walk around places. I even ride in one of those motorized carts around the local grocery store! I don't look at people long enough to see their stares...but I do get more attention from the workers:)Here I am, 25 weeks and counting! 26 on Thursday!
When I said they were getting into everything, they literally are! Here they are in the dresser drawer.
The girls love to "praise the Lord", wave their hands in the air and spin around.

In case you didn't check out my sister's blog and see her pics, here is your second chance....
go here! :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

quick update

dr. today was good, cervix went down a little, but still ok. i'll update later this week with pics from my brother and his girlfriend being here, and my sister and mom being here this week!
until later!