Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I know it has been FOREVER since I've been a blogger, so I thought it was about time to update.

We took the girls to our church's Easter Egg Hunt, and tried to teach them how to put eggs in their sweet little baskets. They caught on pretty well, and had NO idea what that sweet sugary stuff was inside of those eggs :)

Avery and Atley with their baskets (Of course Avery is under the table, she is always climbing under furniture)

Atley with her basket full of eggs (that mommy and Grammi helped her fill up)

We also went to Dallas for Easter and got to see my family and see how big Brenley has grown!

Here is Daddy with Avery, she is all smiles in his arms.
This was our attempt to get all the grandbabies together in a picture. The girls are so hard to photograph at this age, but this was worth a try!
Avery, Brenley, Atley
Uncle Danny with Atley and Daddy with Avery.

Avery loves rocking chairs and thinks she is such a big girl when she rocks in them.

Atley playing in her Easter dress

We figured out that if we spin around really fast and then stop, the girls will smile for the camera. The hard part is stopping in the right position. :)

I went to the doctor again today. 9 weeks pregnant, and everything is looking good. I got to see the little baby kick his/her leg and the heartbeat was fast and strong. Now I'm headed off for some well needed rest and American Idol!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Atley and Avery are going to be.....


Surpised? Because we still are!

We stole an idea from my best friend and made a you tube video to tell our families. My mom found out while she was filming it for us. Check it out: baby spelling

We've had two ultrasounds now and everything is looking great considering I am still only 6 weeks pregnant. There is only ONE baby this time, praise the Lord. I'll go back again in two more weeks, but the heartbeat today was good and my doctor is optimistic.

Please be praying for me as I learn to totally rely on the Lord, knowing that this is out of my control. My biggest prayer is that this pregnancy is different than last time, and goes full term.

My due date is October 23rd, so we will have 3 under 2 for a while!

Here is a picture of our little baby blob from today.