Saturday, November 15, 2008

my 3 under 2

Just as I predicted, Avery is in love with Canon. Of course Atley likes him as well, but doesn't try to meet his needs and want to hold him like Avery does. Even as I am typing (with one hand since I'm feeding Canon at the same time) Avery has her favorite baby doll and has put her in the bouncy seat and swing, wrapped her up in Canon's baby blanket, and now is wrapping her beanie monkey up in the blanket as well. She has always been such a little mother. There have already been multiple times that Canon has cried and Avery has run over to him, or gotten up on the bed to peek into his pack n play, and tried to put his paci back in for him. I'm trying to be relaxed about this since Avery has also had a snotty cold and I'm sure has dirty hands.... I guess Canon will have some good immunity!

Avery loving her brother

Both girls holding (or squishing) Canon

They were kissing him

Atley with Canon. Don't worry, he wasn't screaming, he was actually yawning!

Let's tickle him!

Atley is leaving and Avery is going to pick him up...or just let him fall into the corner of the chair.

I love him!


the Schusters said...

They are so sweet! It's so precious the girls love Canon so much!! They are such great big sisters.

The Buster Bunch said...

Oh they are so cute!!! I'm so glad they love their little brother. Hopefully he won't sit on them and beat them up soon like our little brother did...we love you Dan!

The Durham's said...

This is too cute!! You are such a good mama!!