Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday...take 1

Yesterday we celebrated the girl's birthday with Phillip's family, Joe and Babs, and Ashley. It was so sweet to see the girls interact more this year and be more excited about presents and cake. We missed you Lauren and Matt!

This is where I sat most of the afternoon :) I love my hooter hider :)

Sweet Atley

Avery and Atley playing with their new water color toys!

Uncle Josh and Canon staring at something....:)

Grammi helping Avery

Atley loves coloring

Avery reading the book she got Grammi for Grammi's birthday

They got Christian Barbies from Josh and Julie. Their names are Hannah and Sarah. The girls loved them! Especially Avery. Here she is kissing Hannah.

"Oh, Hannah! I think you're beautiful!"

She really likes her :)

"I'm stuffed!"

So silly, putting a bow on her head

"I think I'll do it too!"

Opening the bracelets Grammi made them. Mommy got one too!

"Hannah and Sarah, we love you!"

Eating Ice Cream Cake!

Daddy and Uncle Josh were helping them eat it.
See the bands on the girl's cups? They have their names on them. These were presents from Joe and Babs. How great to keep their cups separate now!

The girls with Grammi and Grandpa

Daddy and Mommy letting them taste the cake



Summer said...

I love Cannon's wild hair!!

And since you already know I'm immature, I'll just say it...I always give a tiny giggle everytime I hear the word "hooter hider."

:) great pics!

The Buster Bunch said...

Oh so cute!!! It looks like they had so much fun. I'm so glad they got the bands for their've been wanting those. I can't wait until Birthday Party Take 2 :) Love you guys...See you in 9 days!!!