Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday...Take 2

How cute is he! He wears this little bear snuggle outfit every time we go out. This one is a size 6mth....I think we'll have to get a bigger one before winter is over :)

Happy Birthday to the girls, for the second time! Phillip and I celebrated on Thursday morning and started some new traditions for the girls. These pictures are really out of order...

First of all, Avery peed in the potty! They were just practicing before they got in the bath, and this was their first time to sit on it without a diaper on. Avery's potty made a jingle noise, and sure enough she had peed! We were so proud of her. We are not potty training yet, just getting them familiar with it for now. Their birthday was all about pottys. Potty chairs, potty you'll see below.

We bundled up and took all of our neighbors cookies. We wanted to say hi and merry Christmas before we hibernate for the winter. It is freezing was 4 degrees this morning when we got out!

Birthday Banana Pancakes!

Atley and Avery opening their new books

Daddy is reading them their new books...I'm so glad they love to read!

Happy two year olds!

When they woke up they each had yarn tied to their cribs. They had to follow the yarn all over the house until it ended at their big present. Of course we had to show them how to do it this year, but each year it will get more fun.

Avery following her yarn

It ended at their big pottys!!


next post...Happy Birthday Take 3!
stay tuned


Dawntoya and Adam said...

They are too cute and I love their PJ's:)

The Durham's said...

Absolutely precious!! Please tell your little ones happy birthday from the Durhams:) You have such a beautiful family and I love the precious tone you set in your home! What an incredible mother you are:)

Kristen said... was so great to see you this weekend and meet baby Canon. Love you!