Wednesday, March 18, 2009

As long as your ears are warm

Aren't they just the most handsome boys!

I'm in LOVE!

This is an example of their PJ's lately...yes, she has shorts on over her PJ's, and duct tape with her name on it.

Getting ready to go to the Chiropractor, ZOO, and dinner for Mimi and Papa's 36th Wedding Anniversary. Big, long, fun day yesterday!

A new "water/sand" table from Mimi! It was so fun to play in today, even though the weather turned a little cold, and the water was cold, at least their ears were warm!

This was before they discovered it was really just fun to water the dead looking plants. They literally pored all of the water out onto the plants, and had so much fun.

My Hoosier looking clothes line?! We are working on making a new one :)

They play peek-a-boo any way they can. So cute.


The Buster Bunch said...

Oh they are precious. Canon's sweet smile just melts our hearts. And the girls are so big and beautiful.
I love their Life is Good T-Shirts...Brenley wore her's today too.
We love you guys!
Angie and Al

the berres said...

i love you shelly. your boys are handsome, your girls are sweet, you are so blessed!

The Brambletts said...

Such cute pictures! We have the same water and sand table with a picnic table too! Take care!!

The Durham's said...

Your family is ADORABLE!! Bless you guys!