Monday, July 13, 2009

Great Grandparents and Great Wolf Lodge

On the 2nd of July Phillip and I went to visit his grandma at a very close by retirement home. She recently moved here from Washington state and we try to visit her as often as possible, with three little sets of hands who get into everything:)
Grandma Hunter is very good at throwing and catching the ball. This was good practice for them all.

The next day we met up with my family, who had traveled from Dallas, to Warrensburg, MO to visit my dad's parents. My grandmother also recently moved into a nursing home, while my very active grandpa still lives at their home. So we all met at the nursing home for a few hours to visit.
Atley (as always these days) was less shy and when asked hopped right up into Grandma Ruth's arms and hugged and kissed her. I got these three sweet pictures of Grandma was crying the whole time. So sweet.

My dad with Avery and Murphy (who the girls still call Mercy).

Phillip was introducing Al to the Iphone, which Phillip just got, and now I can pretty much do anything!

Sitting and playing with the grandkids. This is the ONLY picture I got of my kid's only remaining great grandfather. He and my dad just went to Washington DC a few weeks ago for the veterans memorial. He is really with it for his age!

After we visited for a while in Warrensburg, we went on to Cameron to visit my Grandma Griffin. She lives at her home and the kids had a great time running around and exploring all of her toys.
Canon especially loved this tractor! I think he's really ready for some BOY TOYS!

Holding hands with Uncle Danny

Avery, Brenley, and Atley waiting for their ice cream cake. As always they had a great time with Brenley and love having another playmate around.

Sweet Brenley in her cute 4th of July outfit! She is always so happy and loves to play with the "big" girls.

I thought this picture makes Atley look so grown up!

My Grandma Griffin with Canon - this is the BEST picture!

We tried to get all four kids in a picture together and this was literally the best I had...

My sister and I with our kids and our grandma. By this point they were about to have melt downs. We were on our way out.

but not before we got a picture of all the family (except mom and dad) with grandma

After that we headed on to Kansas City and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge . It is a huge hotel with an indoor water park. They had 4th of July festivities, and the kids (as well as the adults) loved playing in the water and going down the big water slides. Yes, we took our little kids(even Brenley went!) on the big water slides and they loved it!

Of course I have NO pictures from the Lodge, but my sister does on her blog
She has some great ones of all our girls going down the kid slides.
Thanks Ang!

Happy belated 4th of July everyone

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The Buster Bunch said...

Thanks for posting your pictures Shell. They look great! I wish I would have taken some of the grandparents.