Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spunky Beans

First of all, this is how we are eating almost all of our meals lately. When Daddy is here for dinner we crowd around our kitchen table. But the big girls sit in the stools while Canon is in their old high chair. Lots of sweet little mouths to feed :)
And on to Spunky Beans.
We went to a friends 3 year old birthday party last weekend and the kids had so much fun. There was a lady there from Spunky Beans and she face/arm painted and did balloon creations. She was super speedy, very good with all the crazy kids, and also very talented!

Atley got a monkey on one arm and a pink flamingo on the other arm

Avery got a STL Cardinals bird on one arm and a butterfly on the other arm

They all got shaker balloons, and she even made Canon's with a little handle for him. Some of the bigger kids got big elaborate balloons, she was really good. Great idea for a birthday party!

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