Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Dallas Trip 2009

Again, my sister is doing a fabulous job at posting every day to share about our adventures while in Dallas for 2 1/2 weeks. This is a ginormous post of pictures with little captions...and does not do the trip justice. We had a GREAT time with family and saw a few friends too. Phillip and I are so blessed by both our families and count it a joy to spend such intense time with my family in Dallas every summer for a few weeks.

Phillip drove us down to Dallas, stayed a few days, and then flew back to STL to take ZOE on a mission trip to New Orleans. He then went back to STL and stayed a few days, working, and then flew back to Dallas again for a few days and drove us home. What a sweet, serving hubby I have! Here is is lounging with Canon beside the pool while Canon took his 10 minute afternoon power nap.

Avery swinging with pops, one of their favorite things to do together :) I didn't get a picture of this, but Atley's favorite thing to do with Pops is drive the Jeep out on the walking path. She can press the peddle down and Pops runs along next to her steering the wheel. Brenley is Atley's perfect passenger and just sits so quietly while Atley drives like a wild woman.

Atley loved playing with the Fischer Price toys that were ours when we were little.

Brenley is a wild woman in the pool and has no fear of the water. She was so cute, still loving to chew on shoes :)

Nana and Avery in the pool. We would get in the pool every afternoon after naptime. There was a great amount of shade and we only put sunscreen on one time because we really didn't need it...even though it was almost 100 degrees every day! Both girls really improved their swimming skills and can now go under water and blow bubbles in the water. Their favorite thing to do with Nana was go on adventure walks on the walking path. They would go for 1-2 hours each time and would explore the trees, play with frogs, and throw rocks into the pond. Thanks mom for awakening thier desire to learn and explore!

Aunt Amber with Canon. She and Danny were so sweet to come out 3 times while we were in town. They live almost an hour away and brought their sweet new puppy Murphy each time:)

Canon and Uncle Danny - such a cute picture

Atley and Avery playing with Murphy. They call him "Mercy" and LOVE him. They were asking about him every day, and loved it when he came out. Avery, being the little mommy that she is, would follow him around and try to feed him.

Brenley playing with Murphy. We had 4 babies and 4 little white dogs. It was crazy and so fun!

Sweet big boy Canon. He was really able to start scooting around on my parent's rug and now that we are home he is getting faster and faster at it!

Avery using the potty :) So cute and funny. Sidenote on pottytraining: we quit while in Dallas after Atley peed on my mom's new couch :) I am starting back up with Avery in another week :)

Aunt Angie running around the house chasing all of our wild kids

Sweet Atley and her pretty blue eyes. They all got their daddy's blue eyes :)

I just love him!

All the kids in the bathtub. We only did this 3 times while we were there. My parent's pool is a saltwater pool and that pretty much counted as their bath everyday:)

Sweet River Berre. He and Canon are best friends and really do like playing together. On this day, I noticed Canon's tooth coming in and he was cranky (which he never is!) so he was asleep most of the time River was here :(

Happy Birthday Uncle Danny and Uncle Al! We had a birthday party with Ice Cream cake and I had told the girls that they could have some after dinner.

Brenley and Avery waiting expectantly

Atley is eyeing the cake and waiting patiently. She loved the cake and kept asking for more. A little two year old can only have SO much ice cream cake!

This is what happened when I took it away from her. Seriously, this is why we don't let them have sweets that often. If they never knew it was there, they wouldn't know what they were missing.

Sweet precious pretty Brenley. Such a big girl this summer, running and talking and able to follow directions! My sister Angie and I have had our babies in Dec. Nov. Oct. and she's due in Oct. the day after Canon's first birthday. So our kids are always the same stages each summer. ex: brenley is the same age the girl's were last summer, doing the same things. canon is the same age brenely was last summer, and will be brenley's age next summer (crazy!), and Angie's new baby GIRL will be Canon's age next summer. it really is perfect because we never have a new walker stumbling around outside and falling into the pool.

Cutie boy ready for church

Avery all giggles before church (she didn't know we were going to church or she would have wanted to stay home). She is having a really hard time withe separating from mommy lately.

And yes, here is the poop picture. It was on ALL THREE walls, and this picture doesn't do it justice! It was on the floor, on their hands and feet, their lambs...everything. After much scrubbing, my parents are going to have to repaint the walls :) Twins instigate each other I am learning.

Canon had a high fever for 3 days, then broke out in a rash = roseola. Here he is laying on the floor in his swim diaper, totally chilled out, sporting a fever and new tooth...poor guy!

Right after I took the picture, he fell asleep

Here is the the next day, so tired he fell asleep sitting up in my sister's arms!

He started eating solid foods while we were in Dallas. (Lots of firsts for Canon!)

This was a typical day for us. 3 adults and 6-7 babies running around. My sister keeps kids in her home M-Th each week. And a few times we went over there to visit here, but mostly she came over to my mom's house. It is bigger with more space for them to run around. We even had rooms for all of them to sleep and would have them all sleeping at the same time most days!


eating popcicles

If you look close you can see Canon's red spots from the roseola

Car ride home. Avery and Atley had neck pillows to help them sleep and it actually did help Atley. Avery only wanted to feed her monkey and did not keep it on except for this picture. All three kids were in the middle seat of our car. The back seats were folded down to hold all of our stuff. From the looks of this you'll see we obviously don't have the minivan anymore...bye bye Goldie. We haven't come up with a name for our new car's a Yukon.

Here Atley is at home. I found her like this the other day. She had sorted all of her kitchen food and utensils! Such a smartie!

Ok, sorry for the massive post. Hope you enjoy all the pictures, we sure enjoyed taking them!!


The Brambletts said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! All the kids are just adorable!!! Glad to see that three car seats will fit across the seat. We have a suburban, and we need all of the back on our trips!!! I was afraid of what we were going to do. We have looked at buying a small trailor for our trips!! Hopefully we won't have to do that!! Love your posts (and your sisters)!! Take care!!

The Buster Bunch said...

I love your pictures! It's been so much fun seeing you guys lately. Today when you were walking off I had to bite my lip to hold the tears back. I hate living so far away from you guys! I love you!