Saturday, August 2, 2008

28 weeks and good news!

I went to the doctor yesterday and again my cervix remains stable. Praise the Lord! My doctor was pleased at my progress and said we would throw a party when I make it to 36 weeks. I told her all I wanted to do was go on a really long walk (shopping!) Canon was measuring big for 28 weeks, and so was I. We were both at about 30 weeks. He weighs 2.10 lbs and is still head down...yeah!
More great news....I get to go to Dallas on Monday. I was asked to be in my friend Jordan's wedding next week and then when I found out I was pregnant I stepped down. I had no idea how this pregnancy would go, but it turns out it was a good decision. I was just HOPING I would at least be able to GO to her wedding though. And it turns out I get to! I'm so excited to be there and see her. She is an OBGYN Resident at Baylor in Dallas and I call her all the time with pregnancy questions :)
My parents are coming up tonight for the weekend and my dad will play golf in the ZOE golf tournament on Monday. He plays every year, and we are always so glad to have them come up. I'll fly home with them on Monday night and be in Dallas until the 13th. I may try to blog some while I am there. We will be having an ENGAGEMENT PARTY for my brother!!! He got engaged 1 1/2 weeks ago to Amber (you might remember me posting about them visiting over July 4th) and we are so excited. I can't wait to get there and see the ring! I hear it's beautiful!

Phillip is so sweet and is painting Canon's room while me and the girls are gone. He is great at design and has a lot of experience painting (he painted the whole ZOE house and our house!) So I am excited to see it and post pictures when I get back.

I think that is all of my updates for now. Thank you all for praying for this pregnancy, your prayers are making a difference! We are more anxious than ever to meet this little guy and it really won't be too far away! (but hopefully further than sooner:)



Summer said...

yeah! this is such great news!!!

Nat Pat said...

so glad to hear about your good news! you are looking so cute!