Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's been forever!

Sorry it has taken me weeks to update this blog. I usually update on Wednesday nights while Phillip is at ZOE. Last Wed. I was pureeing/steaming/freezing food for the girls for our vacation. We are leaving on Saturday morning at 3:45am to go to Gulf Shores, Alabama for Thanksgiving. Phillip's whole family is going too. We'll be gone from Saturday to Saturday and then by the next Wednesday after that I'll be in Dallas! ( My sister is having her baby girl this Friday! Please be praying for an easy, safe, quick delivery) So we have a lot of traveling ahead of us. Phillip and I have made a HUGE list of items we need for traveling with babies and the beach. We may or may not fit it all in our minivan....

Before we go I wanted to post a few pictures from this past week of the girls.
Avery is getting her third tooth! Top middle left tooth. Atley still has no teeth :)
Atley is army crawling and getting faster every day. Avery is beginning to scoot as well. Both jabber up a storm and LOVE bath time.

When I get back from the beach, I'll try to post a quick blog with pictures from our trip. Then when I get to Dallas I'll try to post some pictures of my first niece! Yeah, I'll be an auntie!

They love to stand up and hold onto things now.
Atley can crawl and pull up on furniture.

Avery eating apples out of her mesh feeder

Atley eating her apples while crawling around the floor

Dinner time!

Avery smiling!
Don't worry, that is not her third tooth on the's a piece of chicken. :)

Atley is getting good at sipping from her sippy cup.
Yes...that is red/brown hair! Her daddy had the same thing :)

Avery is biting her sippy cup. teething....

That's all for now! See you in a week and 1/2!

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Dawntoya's Blog said...

I love that you informed us not to mistake the chicken for a third tooth. haha because I did:)