Sunday, October 28, 2007

10 months old!

It seems crazy that in 2 months the girls will be one year old! We took a lot of pictures this weekend of them playing in their crib, and in their sweaters from the Schuster's with their initials on them. So fun to get out their new winter clothes. I also posted some pictures from when my mom was here, a cold walk outside, the girl's great grandma Hunter, the Mizzou vs. Texas Tech game, and more...

I have so much hair I can wear a bow!!

Look at my two teeth!

This is my clothes line in the basement. I hang all of the cloth diapers to dry each night.


Dawntoya's Blog said...

You seem to be the best mom ever. They are getting so big! Is that red hair???

Summy V & DawnyT said...

look at you rocking that rabbit fur coat! I remember when you got that back in the day.;)

and that picture with her arm slung over the side of the laundry basket. SO cute. :)