Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One Year Ago Today

WOW! I never thought a year could go by so fast! One year ago today, I left my classroom at noon and never went back. During my doctor visit, they discovered my cervix had decreased in length by 1cm (which is actually a lot in one week). I was admitted to Labor and Delivery and immediately hooked up to monitors.
It is amazing to think that it was an entire year ago!

My plan today was to go to the hospital and see those nurses who supported me and helped me through those 2 1/2 months. However, the girls had different plans.
The girls woke up at 5am and then cried off and on ALL morning...I never even got in the shower today (that barely ever happens). Even this morning Phillip and I reminded ourselves that one year ago we were fighting to keep these girls, and here we are one year later with healthy, happy babies who are having no complications of being born early! So while they were sick and fussy all morning, I constantly reminded myself how grateful and blessed I am that they are here! The Lord has a funny way of timing things, and doing this out of our "plan".

My mom was here this weekend and watched the girls for us while Phillip and I and about 13 others from our church went to Louisville for The Truth Project conference. It was great to learn more about the Christian World view Vs. a Secular World view and see the truth behind all the lies the world is feeding us. We are doing The Truth Project with our ZOE small groups this year. I really encourage you to spend a few minutes looking at their website and learning more about this.

This Saturday is Texas Tech VS. Mizzou Football! We'll be at the game sporting our red/gold/black attire so be on the lookout for more pictures coming soon!


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