Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Yesterday we took some Christmas pictures of the girls and as a family. (Thanks Ashley!) After taking 15 pictures, we got about 3-4 good ones. I guess that is how it is with babies. We'll post the family pictures later, but for now here are a few of the girls.

Atley being shy
Avery not being shy

Atley with her sweet hair bow

Avery - little baby and a big tree

Atley was a little mad at me by this point

We've been really working on maintaining our nap schedule during the day in hopes that our nights are better. Both girls have realized that just because mom or dad are not in sight, they are still somewhere close. So they think if they cry we will come and get them out of bed. Therefore, they are waking up at 3-4am wanting to be held, and played with. Times two this can get a little out of control at night. Nonetheless, we are making tiny strides every day.
Phillip has got to be the best husband in the world. He is great at getting up with babies and helping me when I've had too much. He got both babies to sleep the other night (Atley at 3am and Avery at 5am) He even bathes the girls each night so that I can have a little time to get things cleaned up and diapers in the wash. We are working as a team :)
It is great.

We hope you enjoy the pictures!


the broomes said...

Hello Phillip, Shelly, & girls!
Your experience of trying to capture a Christmas picture looks a lot like ours-- our attempt was made on Monday:)
Atley and Avery are precious!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

They are so cute!!!!!!!! And growing fast!