Monday, February 4, 2008


This could potentially be my longest blog ever. Don't worry though, it's mostly pictures!~ First of all, here is a picture of me and the girls in our winter coats. I thought that since I live here in STL...where there is actually a "winter" we would need winter coats. But...putting little babies in those super cute, but suffocating winter coats, and then trying to put them in carseats is not very much fun. Even though they are cute, they've not worn them very much. Good thing they are big enough to possibly wear next year too...

The girls are sick. Everyone is sick! They have a cold. Times two is not very much fun. REALLY runny noses, and cranky, clingy babies. Needless to say after 3 days of them clinging to me, and wiping snot all over me, I'm getting sick too. Here is my "go to" table during the day. Tylenol, saline, nose "plunger", thermometer, and LOTS of kleenex.

Ok, now for the fun part. We recently (or maybe a year ago...) discovered mold in our bathroom carpet. Who installs carpet in a bathroom anyway.... So we had been planning on tiling it for quite some time now. As we worked on this project, we also did little projects all throughout the house. I felt like it was time to update all of you who never get to see my house with some pictures. So I started at the front door. When you walk is this is what you see.... and yes we will make you sign the guestbook :) Here is the new master bath! So fresh and so clean.
A different view. Phillip installed the faucets all by himself! He is such a handyman :) Around the tub. This is my favorite part :)
We also tiled the floor in the guest bath. We got a new shower curtain and rug, and left everything else the same.
I just thought I would update you on a picture of the girl's room. It is pretty much the same. You can see that we had to take out half of their bumper pads because they were standing on top of them, and pulling the ties off. Still such a sweet room:) Here is our living room. We painted the fire place black (it used to be gold). Here is our bedroom. LOVE our bed:)
A wall in our room....
The guest bedroom.

New and improved basement! We got rid of our blue/white striped couches and cleared out a lot of clutter. Now it is even better, and such a fun place to watch movies. We also love it because the girls' can't hear us down here when they are sleeping...even with the loud movies.
In the back we've made a place for the girls to play. Thanks to all our family who have greatly contributed to the toys in this area!!
In Missouri we have basements, which also means more storage! Here is a picture of some of my attempt to organize storage.... Here is another side of our basement. This part is still in the works.... Here is where I spend most of my time. I've made drawers with things the girls can play with in here. They like to be wherever I am, and I'm almost always in here:)
Last but not gold mini. Just to complete my jump into mommihood, and attempt to organize my life around twins on the move.
I actually have more pictures and updates to write about. I'll save that for another day soon. I hope you all enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into my life and feel a little closer too. (for all my Texas readers). We are off to the chiropractor and whole foods. We are going to beat the cold this week!

Love to you all, Shelly


Summy V & DawnyT said...

love seeing all the pictures! the tile in the bathroom looks so good!!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Love your house...when you said you were working on a project I immediately thought arts and crafts. I was definitely waiting on an art project you'd done with the girls, but now I realize that they arent even old enough for that yet...I am slow, but I love Jesus.

The Buster Bunch said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Wow, your house is so cute! I can't wait to come up again. July is too far away. I am jealous of your basement too...I want your storage! Love your house! You are such a talented decorator and organizer! Good job on the tile Phillip, it looks great! Love you guys!

Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

i'm so glad to know i have a gold mini buddy! i've been driving mine for almost 2 years now and it's definitely the most practical with kids! loved your picture of the house.

Fellow mommy of twins said...

Love the pictures of your house. We had basements in Illinois too- it was a first for me. We also have a nice basement here in Kansas but it needs some organization. One room will be a nice tv room and play room for the boys. Some day...
Everything looks great!!