Monday, February 11, 2008

Healthy Home

Last week we took the girls to their hearing and vision screening through Rockwood Parents as Teachers. This is an amazing program that I love. We have a Parent Educator, Carroll Cranch, whom I adore, who comes to our house every few months to check up on the girls. She has been coming since they were only a couple months old and has been able to see them grow and develop. When she comes she tells us about what they should be doing, ideas to help them reach developmental milestones, and plays with them to see how their little brains work. It is very encouraging to have someone look at them and tell me they are doing great, especially since they were preemies and a little behind. Anyway, the program is free if you live in the Rockwood School District. They also do free hearing and vision tests each year. So last Thursday was our first time to go. Both girls did great and have perfect hearing and vision. They also weighed and measured the girls and showed us where they are on the growth chart. I was really surprised!
Atley weiged 20.6lbs and Avery was 20.2. (This was with shoes, diapers, and sweaters on...) But Atley has always been one pound lighter than Avery for the past 10 months or so! Now she is catching up! But...Atley is also 29inches tall, and Avery is 271/2. So Atley is much taller than her sister. I also thought it was interesting that they were in the 20% for weight and poor Avery is in the 10%for height. Last time I went to the doctor the girls were 8 months old and in the 80% for weight. This was normal for them at the time, since they had been drinking extra calorie formula, and then regular formula up until then.(Which most of you know I think is all SUGAR) Right after that I made the change to Goats Milk and the girls continued eating only fruits and veggies, but more of them. Also, up until 8 months old the girls were on track as far as development for being 2 months premature. But it seemed they were so slow to begin doing new things.
Shortly after I made the switch to goats milk, the girls have become very attentive, mobile, and extremely happy and social. I know that a lot of this comes from their current stage of development, but I can definitely see a change in them. Especially Avery. We started going to a chiropractor for both girls and we've seen a big difference in Avery. She used to be so tight, non mobile, and had slight eczema. Since we've been going to the chiropractor and switched to goats milk, she hasn't had any eczema and has begun crawling, bending and chewing on her toes! (Flexible) She is also much happier and attentive.
What a blessing this has all been and what a testimony to the Lord. He is the creator of "Seed bearing plants" and gives us all the nutrients we need from the ground. At this point you might be thinking I'm crazy, and that I'll never give my girls anything "fun". Phillip and I have had many conversations about this. And you know I am a chocoholic! They will eventually eat other foods, but for right now they LOVE what they are eating. They are GREAT eaters and love their diet of: bananas, oatmeal mixed with mommies smoothie, egg yolks, green beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, apples, carrots, avocado, squash, strawberries, and flax seed. They eat other fruits and veggies as I buy them, or as they are in season.
I believe we should be taking care of these bodies the Lord gave us without being a "crazy" person about it. But I have seen the benefits these last months and it's been pretty amazing.
PLUS....if you make your own baby food, it is MUCH cheaper!!!!

I've posted some pictures of the girls in their Valentine jackets. We've been wearing them everywhere and will wear them every day this week! Yeah Pink and Red!
Not only are the girls crawling so well, they are also standing on their own! Atley loves to stand by herself and rock back and forth to music. She claps for herself too. Avery lights up a huge smile and is very proud of herself as well.

Atley standing along

Avery standing alone
Avery and Atley

Here is a little picture of my day. They mostly play in the same area and LOVE to play with Lilly. Here is Avery trying to climb in with Lilly, and Atley trying to close the door on her. If you look really close you'll see the "V" on the bottom of Avery's shoes. Each girl's shoes are labeled so mommy can put them on the right girl.

On a totally different side note....
We had the Missouri voting last week and I was so disappointed that Huckabee lost to McCain by 1%!! So you guys in Texas had better represent. Huckabee supports pro life and no gay marriage. He is the ONLY candidate who does that!!

So, when the Texas voting comes around, I hope you are all prepared and knowledgeable of who to vote for.

Thanks for reading this super long post. I just wanted you all to know how important it is to think about what you eat.

Also, sorry for all the weird font colors. I tried and tried to fix this, but to no avail.

Blessings and happy early Valentines Day!


The Buster Bunch said...

Oh it's so fun to see new pictures of the girls. I can't believe they're standing on their own. Mom told me that Atley took 5 steps today!!! WOW!!! I am so proud of you and how you feed your girls. I'm so excited because I have my own personal dietician (s/p?) for sister!!! Love you!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Love to see the girls!