Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No More Bottles

I know...most people switch from bottles to sippy cups when their kids turn 1, but my girls loved their bottles and I figured why the rush. They would probably STILL be drinking all bottles every day if it weren't for the "plastic" craze that is going around on the media. After finding out that their Avent bottles were number 7's, which is the worst kind of plastic to use, especially if you heat it - which we were doing - we switched to sippy cups the next week. Since the girls were almost 16 months when I made the change, they were ready.
We recently bought Born Free sippy cups and the girls LOVE them. They carry these at Whole Foods and Babies R Us now, so they are easier to get and worth it since all the old baby bottles are possibly going to be banned. Very interesting.
Anyway, the girls even take their sippy cups at night during dinner, then we take a bath (most nights) and put on pjs', read a book and go to bed. They are doing great so far! This was on my list of things to accomplish with them before the new baby comes. They are walking everywhere and becoming more independant by the day. We even put their high chairs down to the lowest level so they can crawl in and out by themselves. This saves me SIXTEEN times each day of picking them up. Next on my list...getting them to use a spoon. When I tried today with Avery she was scared and started crying! Obviously not ready yet....
Here are some quick pics, some very random.
Hope you enjoy!
ps. I'll post my first pregnancy picture soon....I've been waiting for this belly to really pop out!
It is very different with only one baby in there...I feel so small!
Love, Shelly

Here is our play kitchen. We brought it upstairs so they can play up here now.

Here are their new sippy cups.

High chairs down low

Avery has her mouth full of food. She does this all the time :)

Both girls love getting in Lilly's crate so much that they dont' wait their turn anymore. It always results in one or both girls getting stuck. Avery was inside crying and Atley was wiggling out...:)


Lindsey King said...

I know I am a little late but I wanted to say CONGRATS on finding out you are having a BOY!!! They are so much fun and you are going to LOVE it! I am glad to know you like the Born Free sippy cups. I use the born free bottles but we are not quite ready for sippy cups yet. I hope you are feeling great!

The Brambletts said...

Isn't it great to be rid of bottles?? My boys didn't take to a sippy cup very well, so they are just on a regular cup. Hopefully soon they will take a sippy cup- if nothing else just in the car. I didn't know that about the bottles. I'll have to get some of the Born Free sippy cups so that when they are ready, we can use them. Glad to hear everything else is going good. I can imagine you feel small. When I was fifteen weeks pregnant, I already looked like someone who was about 5-6 months pregnant!!! Take care- God bless!!

The Buster Bunch said...

The girls are adorable! They are so big!!! I love them and I love you too!

The Durham's said...

Hey:) What a huge step:) How are you feeling? Just looking through the blogs and thought I would check on you:) Hope yall are well! Bless you!