Monday, May 26, 2008

Bath Time

Atley is beginning to like shampoo in her hair and thought it was so funny when daddy spiked it up like this.

Avery also liked her hair spiked up, it just doesn't have the same effect....but hey, it's growing!

Avery and Atley. Notice how Atley is sitting. She ALWAYS sits like this. Little cheerleader pose.


Happy Memorial Day!
We'll have lots of pictures by the end of the weekend. Uncle Matt and Aunt Lauren are getting married on Friday and the girls are flower girls. They may not be walking down the isle, but they have dresses and will be So cute!


Laura said...

Hey girl!!
My mom sent me your blog... it's so cute! I love it! :)

We need to get together sometime soon!

The girls are getting so big!


Dawntoya and Adam said...

Aw...They look like little Who's from Whoville with their hair spiked up:)

The Buster Bunch said...

Oh I miss them! We need to set up our web cams so we can see them! Love you!

Summer said...

I love baby bath-time pics. so cute.

p.s. when do we get some prego pics?!! :)