Tuesday, June 24, 2008

weekly update

Every Monday I am going to the Dr. for a cervical length check, and then every other Monday I also meet with my doctor. Yesterday I was just praying for "unchanged" to be the diagnosis. Well...much to my surprise, it was 3.5cm! That is 7mm longer than the last 3 weeks (2.8cm)! Really great news and such an answer to many prayers. Thank you all for praying! I am still continuing my moderate bedrest and laying down as much as possible. I'm 23 weeks on Thursday. Some babies born at 23 or 24 weeks do survive, but not without much difficulty. Therefore, until I get further along and get a continuous good report from my doctor, my restrictions are still the same. In my last pregnancy with the twins, I went into the hospital at 23 weeks and came out at 32! Already I have seen the freedoms of being able to stay at home. Last night Ashley King took me to the mall and wheeled me around in a wheel chair. Today we are going to a family's house with a pool and while I lay on a lounge chair they have offered to watch the girls. My friend Leah came over yesterday and cooked and cleaned for me. Everyone has been so wonderful and made it easier to be bound to the couch. My next adventure is going to the grocery store and riding around in one of those motorized wheelchairs with the basket. I'm not supposed to be "walking around" but I figure since I got a good report yesterday maybe I'll try this out.
Thank you all again for your help and prayers. Next week I plan to have pictures!

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Summer said...

that is such great news Shelly! I can't wait to see some more prego pics!