Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That was then, this is now

Pictures from old times and new...

9 Months Pregnant with Canon

Sweet baby boy is 2 1/2 months old

One year ago at Christmas:


Happy First Birthday

Atley 1yr old

Atley 2yrs old

Avery 1yr old

Avery 2yrs old

Sorry that these pictures are sideways....I can't get blogger to turn them around.
Delta Delta Deltas Jr. Year

Roomies. This was the day I ran into Phillip again after 2 years of not seeing each other since Kamp.

Here we are 2009

Feb. 07 First chance to meet the twins!

Christmas when it was just the twins.

Senior year - Blondies with the same haircut for 4 years!

Newborns and one on the way! + my two at home who didn't make the picture this year!

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The Buster Bunch said...

So cute! I love the picture of you and Canon. You look beautiful! It's amazing how much the girls have changed in a year!