Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cotton Babies

I knew I liked this store, and every time I visit, I like it even more. Let me first start off by telling you that Cotton Babies is a store here in STL that carries cloth diapers, baby gear, and many natural products. I was introduced to them when I first bought my Bum Genius cloth diapers about 2 years ago. Come to find out, they were made here in STL, and the owner of Cotton Babies is who created them! So, now when I need anything cloth diaper related I can just drive over there! That is just the first of the many great things about this store. 2nd, they have a yearly resale wher eyou can sell/buy used cloth diapers and other natural baby products. I went with some friend about two weeks ago and got some new diapers to try out. I have always used Bum Genius diapers for the girls and now for Canon. But they are really showing their wear - two little girls later. So this time I bought a few Diaper Covers and some Prefolds. This is a much more inexpensive way to go, but a totally different type of diaper. I am really enjoying them, and having the different options for Canon and the girls when they sleep. I also bought more Hemp liners. These are great to double in for a super soaker like Avery :) Another thing I really like about this store is that they support missionaries here in the states, and overseas. They do a Diaper Grant program where they help out families in need who are helping to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. I just found their blog and now have it linked to my own blog. But you can get useful cloth diapering tips and advice, as well as other household and family helpful tools. On their website you'll also find a calendar of events with free 1-2 hr. classes on cloth diapers, food allergies, breastfeeding, baby wearing, birthing options, postpartum fitness, LaLeche League, and more. I wish the store was closer, but I am planning on attending a few classes this year. What a great resource!
So...if you live in or around St. Louis and need a good place to buy some cloth diapers or other GREAT baby items, head on over to COTTON BABIES, in South County.

Oh, I also got Canon and my niece Brenley swim diapers. These, and the cloth diapers themselves, really do help you save money...because they are all reusable! Plus diapers and especially swim diapers are so expensive these days. Isn't he a cutie in his yellow speedo diaper?!


The Ruth Review said...

i just love canon's little legs!! im starting to think he looks like phillip! see you soon!!

The Buster Bunch said...

Yea! I love all your cloth diapering stories. It has taken me a long time, but you've finally talked me into cloth diapers for the next baby :) Canon looks adorable in his speedo! Love you!