Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Potty Training Twins

Oh the joy's of Potty Training. Or should I say, "the craziness!" of Potty Training instead!?
sidenote: someday I am going to make a book out of my blog, otherwise I might not write so much about potty training, but it just might be interesting to go back and look at someday. Or for Atley and Avery to look at when they are mommies themselves and ONE of them wonders why her little girl is so hard to potty train....

So, we are on day 3. Let me QUICKLY recap days 1 and 2.
Day 1: I am pretty geared up for potty training and have thought of just about everything I can to prepare for the day. Our living room rug is rolled up and stored away for a while, two potty chairs are sitting right in the middle of the living room, reward charts are taped up, stickers ready, towels and vinegar/water spray are ready for messes. I also went to the library and got a copy of "Once Upon a Potty for Her" the book, and DVD! The girls love it, especially Atley and it has helped in leading up to potty training and we watch it about 20 times a day. seriously. Oh yes, I do have a 6 month old who regularly needs me to feed, change, carry him, love on him, and nap him, so this might prove to be more difficult than I thought. maybe.
Avery is a champ. The first time I ask, she pees on the potty.
Atley doesn't want to go.
So about 1 1/2 hrs. later Avery has gone about 6 times and Atley has had 1 accident on the floor. We're doing pretty good. All day they did a great job, we played outside and even though neighbors would drive by, only a few actually noticed that my girls had shirts on...but no underwear. Yes, they are going bottomless here at home for a while. I tried to fix dinner and in all my focusing on the girls...I nearly burnt the house down. really. We were out in the garage (which my wonderful husband so nicely cleaned out) playing and I forgot that I had started some pasta on the stove. When I came back in to check if Canon was awake...he was screaming in his room and smoke was everywhere! I had to open all the doors and windows and 2 days later, I still smell it! See the burt pot below for proof. This was by far the worst I've had yet.
You can't stop living, so on our first day of potty training, we put on diapers at 5:30 and went to watch daddy play basketball. It was totally worth it since we don't get to go to that many games.
Thoughts for the day: Avery is a peeing CHAMP! I knew she peed more than Atley since her cloth diapers are always soaked and leaking...and I know she loves to drink more than her sister as well. But I had NO IDEA she peed that many times during the day! I'm going to have to restrict her water consumption once she is in big girl underwear. Atley on the other hand is going through a hard stage called "I'm a little independant sweetheart, who thinks by whining or throwing a fit I'll get what I want." So...I'm reading "The Strong Willed Child" by Dr. James Dobson and really enjoying it, but not the behavior. So the sweet girl is having a hard time wanting to do what I ask, or trying to go potty when I ask, so accidents are happening a little more frequently for her. But since she doesn't pee NEARLY as often as Avery, she only had 2 the first day. They both pooped in their diapers once we put them to bed. :)
Day 2: I'm a little less excited about the day now that I know how utterly exhausting day 1 was. I felt like I was constantly on the move.
Avery is a champ by now. Her only accidents are when she is sitting at the table to eat lunch or dinner. She catches herself and finishes on the potty. great job! We are still working on Atley's independance, and having her sister to watch is helping her. If she sees Avery do the potty dance and get a sticker too, then she wants one. So a few times she has gone straight to the potty and peed, just to get a sticker. But hey, that's why i'm doing stickers right?! Avery even pooped on the potty with no help from me!
Our goal today was to take a walk around the block without diapers. So even though it wasn't THAT cold here, they went bare bottomed but with hats and jackets on. They did a great job and neither girl had an accident on the walk. When we got home, they both peed in the potty.
Day 3: wow, i'm tired of potty training. when is this going to end? Ok, I'm going to have a good attitude and kick it up notch. First things first, we went on a HOUR walk with Ashley all the way to the town center. neither girl peed in the stroller (we had a potty in the stroller basket just in case) and both peed upon arriving home....Atley all over the floor. While I was feeling crazy, we then loaded up in the minivan and headed for the library and to Starbucks. Two SHORT errands, and hey...I deserved a sweet treat at this point right? I put towels in their carseats and Avery peed in hers.
Once we got home things got a little crazy. While I was nursing Canon, Atley pooped on the floor (at this point she hadn't gone since Mon. which is a long time for her). Once she made it to the potty there was no more to come, but she peed on the potty, so praises she got. However I am still nursing this whole time, and trying to keep them both away from the 3 poopies on the floor. Thank goodness for WOOD FLOORS is all I have to say:)
No more accidents all day!
So I know I'm on Day 3 of the rest of their little diaper free lives (except for naps and nights of course), and I'm so grateful they are interested in the potty and doing a good job for me. I know accidents WILL happen and that they WILL learn, but it won't happen over night.
More updates to come as we progress on this new journey of potty training TWO TWO year olds!

Watching the movie, while sitting on their pottys

Sweet Canon posing next to the Lemonade...thanks Aunt Julie!

The burnt pot...I'm STILL working on getting it clean, yuck!

Our walk on day 2.

I couldn't resist! Sweet little bum peeking out from under her jacket :)

Cutie Atley in her new hat

Since I am not allowing them on the couch this week, they have to lay on the floor. You can make anything fun, and they were pretending to be asleep for this picture.

Phillip's Grandma Hunter moved here last week from Washington St! She is living in an assisted living home and we are so glad she is here. The dogs love her too :)

Canon fell asleep in Phillip's arms after church on Sunday

Little mommy Avery

Atley in her tutu.


the broomes said...

Sounds like GREAT fun, Shelly:) We're right there with you (except for the times two part!). I potty trained Anna Bell about a month ago. She still has trouble with the whole pooping thing which Joshua happened to get way before peeing. So she wears undies everywhere except for long trips or if she hasn't pooped yet and we're going somewhere. I'm hoping she'll get it soon-- cleaning up poopie is NO FUN!!! *For what it's worth: Anna Bell seems to do better with undies rather than bare-bottomed. I think because we make a very big deal about her "hello kitty" or "princess" undies that she sure doesn't want to get them wet and have to take them off.

The Buster Bunch said...

Oh Shelly! I love reading your blog! You are going to make it! The girls will get the hang of this soon. Until then I think you deserve a Starbucks EVERYDAY!
The pictures are precious! I love you all!
Oh and the pot...oh my, that's really bad. Good luck with that!

The Ruth Review said...

Yah for potty training! i love reading your blogs! Im so glad we get to watch the girls grow throw your words and pictures! Your doing such an awesome job in teaching certain they will get the hang of things very soon. You pretty much need a shirt that says "super mom" =)

The Brambletts said...

Ahh...a glimpse into what my life will be like in a few months!!! I think I'm going to start trying to potty train the boys in June. We shall see how that goes!!! Just hang in there- you are doing so good!!! I was cracking up about you trying to keep the girls away from the poop all while nursing Canon!!! Great job- and I may need a pep talk from you in a few months!!! Keep up the fantastic job!!!

Beth T said...

SO Cute how Atley looks like a mini Shelly in your new blog pic! So sweet, love your long posts!