Saturday, April 18, 2009

my blog friends

if you have never looked at my "blogs I love", now is the time.
Please click on the "praying for Stellan" link to the right, to catch up on MckMama's little boy who was just flown to Boston for a possible ablation of his heart. She is a Christian, proclaiming the Word of Christ in her blog, crying out to Him, and letting THOUSANDS of people join this journey with her.
Also, my friend Shalene just blogged about something VERY serious that you should all take a look at too. Check out the Roberts blog.

These are real life things that are happening and far more interesting than me blogging about Avery climbing out of her crib on Thursday, or Canon rolling over both ways, or Atley knowing shapes and colors at just two years old. I think Christ's return is fastly approaching, and my desire is to be ready!!

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