Friday, April 10, 2009

QUICK look back at March

So we have about 75 or more pictures just from the month of March. Here are about 10 just to sum up the month.

Avery and Atley love brushing their teeth. The trick is getting them to only brush their teeth...and not the floor, table, baby doll, etc. :)

Sweet smile

Here is Canon playing with his feet...which looks a lot like his sister Atley playing with her feet when she was 7mths old. (Canon is only 5)

Phillip gave Canon his first "official" haircut with the 3 guard. He had some stray hairs that were going his hair isn't crazy anyway!

Sweet boy at Nana and Pop's house sitting so big in the rocking chair.

Atley was pushing Canon and he loved it.

We went to Purina Farms last week for their Easter Celebration and it was so sweet for the girls to get to pet all the baby animals. They loved it, and Canon thought it was something new to look at, and as you guessed...I didn't NOT touch one animal:)

Sweet boy wearing tights! It was April here, Cardinals Opening Day, and COLD! So what do you do when your Cardinals gear is all short sleeved and shorts? Put on tights! The girls did the same thing with their new pink Cardinals outfits, but before I could get a picture of them they had orange highlighter and orange soup all over their new white shirts...ahh! yes, I was able to get it out:)

And how can I resist taking tons of pictures of my little man who is so adorable?! Here he is LOVING playing with his daddy's face.

Feels good to have my computer back. I'll be updating a lot more often now...I think:)


The Buster Bunch said...

Oh they are so precious!!! I love them so much!

The Durham's said...

Ok, I'm lovin' the boots and dresses!! They are so stinking cute!

The Ruth Review said...

aww shelly canon is soooo cute! i love his smile! I might have to steal some of your pictures so i can brag about my cute nieces and nephew!

Kentsten said...

Shelly, I can't get over the look like such a chic mom! So, so pretty!!