Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Orange for Stellan

Mckmama's son Stellan had surgery yesterday and literally thousands of people wore orange for him, took pictures, and sent them in, and they are posted here. We've been keeping up with her blog since before Canon was born. She has 4 kids, 4 and under. Her youngest son, Stellan, is a week younger than Canon so all of his health issues really touch a cord with me since I can only imagine Canon in the same awful situation. So we took a picture, along with all her other blog followers (her blog has reached almost 8 million hits at this point...) and sent it in. One of these days I will actually get a picture of ALL 3 smiling, but just getting the twins to smile was a feet in itself!

Atley in her bum genius cloth diaper. They are 28 months on Saturday, and we are starting Potty Training NEXT WEEK! Pray for me! :)

Speaking of potty training, you know its time to start when they are trying to change each other's diapers. This is what I walked around the corner to the other day.

Avery has really enjoyed sitting on Atlely lately. She likes to hang on her back, or sit on her back. Atley eventually joins in the fun, but has to protest at first. There are so many fun things about having twins, and this small thing brings me joy to watch.

Riding the pony....or her sister:)

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the berres said...

hysterical! those girls are so funny. we love you