Sunday, August 23, 2009

lately in pictures




Hippos swimming right by us - the girls keep talking about how the Hippos liked them at the zoo.

Canon watching too

Hanging out on the front porch

Playing "train"

New haircut! Stacked in the back

And here is my handsome little boy: 10 months old today!


The Ruth Review said...

oh my goodness...what beautiful babies!! i love atley's little hair cut!

The Durham's said...

Can I just say I am inspired every time I read one of your blogs!! You are an incredible mother who obviously pursues grace and mercy in every way:) I have said before, but I love your heart and I was so blessed to read more about the beautiful ministry you guys have with ZOE. I went to your site and LOVED it! What an amazing and timely gift for this generation....they are so hungry and He is lavishing His Spirit on them! I would love to keep in touch via email and "spur each other on:)" These are our quiet years, I once heard a mature mother say....the years when we prepare for future warfare on behalf of our kids and on behalf of the ministry He has planned for each of us in His time. I found that so encouraging! Thank you for your sweet words and please know that I hear your heart and I love it!! Bless you sister!