Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It is no surprise that I have still not mastered the art/love of cooking. I don't really get excited about most recipes and dread spending any large amount of time in the kitchen preparing dinner. But because of my desire to feed my family healthy and nutritious food, I do actually spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen. Just not preparing dinner most of the time. My favorite way to cook is to get a healthy recipe and make it my own. Case in point. My mom has been making homemade granola for years. She still makes it for my sister and I when we are pregnant. So until recently, I had never had to make it on my own. Since I have been making it, I have been slightly changing it. My mom is the same way when she cooks. I don't think we ever ate the same thing twice! She always added or took out something just to make it different. I have begun to really enjoy making foods like granola, nut butter (a mixture of many healthy nuts in the form of peanut butter,) pureed beans, peas, legumes, and veggies. When I am making Canon's purees, I just make more and then use them in our food. Simple Creative.
The only problem is that most of these things my husband doesn't like to eat. Can someone give me some ideas of healthy, easy things to prepare ahead of time, freeze extra for later, that a man would like? :)

Here is the finished product. Granola in 3 big baggies. 2 for the freezer, one for the fridge!

Baking the granola...

My kitchen on most nights....I never dry anything.

Nut Butter. Again, I don't usually make anything up on my own. I have to copy it. This applies to most areas of my life. I need a basic idea, and then I can add/change it from there. This was from McKmama's Nut Butter blog, and I tweeked it just a little.

Canon loves to walk when you are holding his hands

He is beginning to pull up on furniture. His favorite piece of furniture right now is the girl's potty chair! I found him yesterday standing, holding onto it, and wet toilet paper thrown out...disgusting!

The other day before church I wanted to document the flower in my hair, and the fixed mohawk Canon gets before church most weeks.


The Durham's said...

Well, I for one, am totally impressed!! These two items look delightful!! I usually love to cook (unless I am pregnant nauseas, ha!), but don't always make the most healthy dishes:) Monty is a meat and veggie kinda guy, so we do alot of roasts, steak and potatoes, chicken dishes with side salads or mixed veggies, enchiladas, homemade tacos with about 9 different sids:)etc. I do have a really great chicken and rice dish that is wonderful with a decked out ceaser salad or poppyseed salad and french bread:) I would love to send you anything if you are interested, but I am sure your mama has some great recipes b/c I know she is an excellent cook:) Bless you!

The Hunters said...

love the pink flower... so cute! I was wondering if I could get the recipe for your granola and the nut butter? I love peanut butter and granola and I would love to learn healthier ways of eating it :) It's so great to have two great sister's in law to learn new healthy things from! Thanks!