Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to life, back to reality

We've had a pretty crazy couple of weeks. Now I am sitting down to my Christmas music, kids napping, computer time and trying to catch up on life. I have almost no pictures to show for any of our current craziness, but will try to catch you up somehow!
*we are having a BOY!!! Champ (no middle name yet) Hunter, due April 30th, 2010.
*Canon had his first birthday, first "real" haircut, and first trip to Dallas in a forward facing carseat! hurray he did so good!
*we moved out of our house - we filled a POD in one day, and had all of our furniture left!! Phillip made about 15 trips in the ZOE van to a friends basement! (thanks Cossey's)
*we lived with Phillip's parents for a few nights, went to Dallas to see our sweet niece Brooklyn!!!, came back to Phillip's parents, went on a ZOE girl's retreat, and then finally moved into an apartment last night!
*there has been lots of cleaning, moving, laundry
*all three kids including myself have a cold...no fun! it's hard to get rid of when you are moving all around
*Avery and Atley are sharing a queen size bed
*They are doing wonderful with potty training, despite our crazy life. thank goodness!
*Atley had her first eye doctor appointment. She got many tests and her eyes dilated today. Please pray for healing in both her eye muscles by January, and no surgery required! (sometimes either of her eyes will turn in, broadly known as a lazy eye, but it has a more specific medical name and diagnosis)
*I've been so out of touch that I still don't really understand or know what happened to MckMama's son Stellan?! could someone fill me in :)
*I'm adjusting to life in a two bedroom apartment, sharing a room with my one year old, and using couches, dishes, furniture that isn't mine. I will be very excited for a brand new house!!!
*Despite circumstances, Jesus is my JOY! Man, if I let every little thing get me down I think I might just live under a rock some days. Praise the Lord for freedom and life in Him!
Pictures to come:)


The Keffer Crew said...

Some of our best friends from college have a son named Champ! Chad played football for Alabama so I know he's hoping he can have a start football player named Champ Goss! Maybe you'll have a star named Champ too!! Boys are so much fun...now you'll be evened out, two girls and two boys!! Blessings to you all!

The Baker's said...

OMG'ness! I'll totally fill you in on Stellan! I've been crying for the last 2 weeks. But his surgery was a success! Praise the Lord!
You know what I love the most about you Shelly - you are so REAL!
You are not one way in private & another way in person. When you say Jesus is your joy despite your circumstances, I know you mean it! I'm struggling with something right now I'd really like to talk with you about. I would really like your take on it! Love you girl!