Saturday, November 14, 2009

Canon's Birthday, Dallas, and the haircut

We were moving out the day of his birthday...sweet house we loved.

how much can I stuff in my mouth?

in Dallas, the girls spent so much time with their cousin Brenley. She would spend the night some nights and they would play all day together. They would go on the walking path to the park each day with Nana and Pops and sometimes ride in this was so cute!

Birthday boy again. We really miss his hair :)

We carved a pumpkin and being the girls that they are, no one wanted to touch the icky insides:) Here are all the grandkids. Sweet Brooklyn is hiding in the back, precious baby!

About to get his haircut!

What are they doing to me?

Stop what you are doing to me!

Ok, I'm happy now it is all over.

Back in the car with mom and dad...what a cutie with his haircut. We still miss his hair...

Playing with his friend River.

Happy Birthday sweet boy! I love you!

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