Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's all about Jesus

I saw this today on a friends blog, thefourbroomes, and had to do it with my kids as well. The nativity is all about Jesus, not Mary and Joseph-even though they played an important role. So we are going to start setting up our nativity like this instead. Thanks Lindsey for sharing!

despite the rest of our apartment looking like mayhem and toys everywhere...we did put up our stockings and little Christmas tree. I actually put them up weeks ago and planned on posting about it, but I accidentally deleted ALL of the pictures on my camera on Saturday - leaving me with no Thanksgiving pictures either. sorry!

today was pajama day. we all stayed in our pj's all day (well, except Phillip who works from about 8:30am-1am on Wednesdays) and the girls really enjoyed painting with finger paint.

Canon didn't get to paint today, but I did attempt to have him color. He usually is really good at it, but today he only wanted to eat the crayon :)

I had an enormously long ultrasound on Monday. Champ was breech and on his back, making it difficult to see all of his organs perfectly. He was so still the whole time and not much of a mover. It is wonderful now to be able to feel him move more and more, but I am praying this is a sign of what's to come, a calm and peaceful 4th child! I am still having the same issues as with my other pregnancies, a shortening cervix, and am currently taking weekly progesterone shots again - which proved very successful with my full term Canon! Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we keep our eyes on Jesus, trusting Him to walk us through our next 4 months of pregnancy, moving OUT of the apartment at Christmas, living with both our parents for 2 months, and moving into our new house hopefully by March! Praise the Lord for all His blessings in our lives right now~
also, keep your eyes open for some new changes to my blog coming soon!

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the broomes said...

Isn't it great how our kids' perspectives challenge us?!!? I would have NEVER thought to have set up our nativity that way on my own! Praying for you and the family during this crazy transition! We'll be in STL at Christmas, maybe we'll get to see y'all and our "A" girls could play together:)