Friday, December 11, 2009

We're moving!

In a few more ways than one! We are moving out of the apartment in a few weeks and will be spending the remainder of our homelessness bouncing between both our parents houses. We are hoping to move into our new house the beginning of March! I will still be able to blog and post pictures during this transition time. Secondly, we are moving blogs! It's about time I changed from "" to something that fits the entire family. We will now be at Everything will be the same over there. My same attempt to update as much as possible, my lack up updating, and my constant stories about our crazy nomad lives :) Stories such as this: While typing this the girls are "trying" to nap - something that has been HARD since we've moved into the apartment. They are sharing a queen bed, in a room with no curtains and full of sun, and lets face it...they are still 2! After much screaming, I finally decided to go in and check on them, Avery was on top of the play refrigerator standing up! We are anxious for their new room, which they will still share, that will be big enough for two twin beds!
again, our new blog is
i'm signing off, so long to this blog!
Shelly :)

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