Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday...again!

Happy Birthday...again!
We celebrated yesterday with Phillip's family and we had a great time. Look at their super cute rocking chairs Grammi made them! They each have their own table that matches, and got a tea set to go with it. Happy Birthday to you!
Yes, they each got a little ice cream...and loved it!We got new carseats! I bought these a few months back and we put them in last week. We were possibly more excited than the girls because there is much more room to get them in and out now...and they can see us. It is very fun. And now they actually fit in them with their winter coats on.
Avery wearing her daddy's hat
Atley wearing it also....this view was too cute not to post.
Since the girls have been playing with each other a little before they go down for their naps, they end up falling asleep in funny positions. Here is Atley with her head on the bumper pad, facing Avery's crib...asleep. EVERY DAY, it is a funny, new position. I laugh each time I go in there.

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