Thursday, January 3, 2008

more new shoes

We picked these out in Dallas and had them shipped to our house. We are so excited to have another new pair of shoes. We really needed shoes :)
Thanks Nana and Pops!

I just thought I'd share a few things the girls are doing.
They play so much in their cribs now. When they aren't tired for a nap, they just play until they fall asleep! (How perfect for me!) Then I go check on them because they are usually both in some crazy positions, like sitting up asleep:)
They like to share their paci's with each other. When I go in to check on them, their paci's are on the floor between their cribs, like they were trying to pass them to each other. It is fun to see them playing together more every day. I remember when I would dream about this happening, and now it's here! They both put things in their mouth ALL the time. And it is no longer just toys. (Avery....)
I had told my mom and sister that I love Christmas so much I was going to leave my decorations up until Jan.14 But once I got home and saw how dusty and cluttered my house felt...I went to work. Yesterday I got all of Christmas put up. I left out the snowmen because we actually have a REAL winter here (it was 9 degrees yesterday!). My theme for this next year will be "simplicity". I had to really be careful what I put up because the girls are into so much now. I moved their play mat next to the bay window just to change things up. And this way they can get a little sunlight this winter:) I also moved more toys downstairs and we go down there more often to play now.
While I am writing, Avery is laughing as she grabs the computer and stands by my leg. And Atley is staring at herself in the fireplace glass. She is now standing up on the fireplace.
Just a glimpse into our life at 3:30pm.!


lauren w said...
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lauren w said...

You are such a good mother putting their play mat by the sun! jealous of your "real Christmas weather" today it's 60'!! Sounds great but i want to wear my new coat!! haha!