Sunday, January 20, 2008

A little Lasik

Last Thursday Phillip had Lasik surgery.
He's a new man! 20/20 vision, and no more glasses!
I thought I'd take a few pictures to document his new look...

Here he is about to go into surgery. I got to stand outside the room and watch through the window. The entire thing took 20 minutes, and the actual laser was only 5-6 seconds each eye! It was pretty icky when they had to clamp open his eye and they pulled off the flap over his pupil. Phillip did a great job, considering his Valium never kicked in...:)
About to go to sleep. He has to wear these for 5 nights so that he doesn't accidentally rub or scratch his eyes while he is sleeping. He also has to put eye drops in his eyes many times throughout the day.

During the day Phillip has to wear these super cool sunglasses (given to him by Clarkson Eyecare) anytime he is outside, even if it's cloudy.
He has to do this for two weeks.

Here he is tonight watching TV WITHOUT GLASSES! Yeah! He has been waiting for this for so long.

We got our light bulb in for the projector in the basement and now we can watch TV and movies down there again! We also cleaned up the basement, painted a little, and re-organized. I'll take more pictures when we get it all completed.
But for now, we are enjoying having this space back!
(For those of you who don't know...our light bulb burned out in our projector. It costs $400 to fix so we had to wait. A couple of months later, a sweet couple sent us a surprise "blessing" in the form of a check, and a few weeks later...we had our light bulb. Thank you sweet know who you are!)

Tonight in the basement

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Dawntoya and Adam said...

I want Lasik!!! Although, I might not be able to handle sleeping with those things on my eyes....I would wake up and one would be on the floor for sure!! Love the basement!!! I want to come watch movies!