Friday, October 3, 2008

37 weeks = full term!

I never would have thought I'd get to 37 weeks, but here I am! And....I'm not even any more dilated this week! How crazy that I layed around ALL summer (really for 4 months!) trying NOT to have this baby, and now here I am trying to walk a lot, carry the girls, bend over, pick up toys, and do all the straining things I can to make this baby come out! I still have 3 weeks until they will do a C-Section, so we are still praying I'll go into labor on my own before then.

This morning Avery really wanted her bear to eat in her high chair. I had to lower it and she put her bear in there, and I got her a bowl and spoon and she started feeding it. She is such a little mommy. Just tonight I was putting the girls to bed and Atley was crying while I was changing her. I asked Avery to get Atley's lamb and paci for her and she went about doing just that. She couldn't get her paci out of Atley's crib, so she went over to the changing table where I keep them and grabbed another one for her. She put it in Atley's mouth and waved the lamb in her face, as to say "here's your lamb Atley!" and then gave her the lamb. She is such a little helper for me already, and I'm sure she will blossom even more once Canon is born. It is so sweet to see their personalities forming!


The Buster Bunch said...

That's so sweet. Avery is going to be just like her Mommy, always a mama. So precious!!!

the Schusters said...

Praise God for a full term baby!!! We are so excited that you made it...AND stayed out of the hospital!

The girls are so sweet. They do love to "mommy" Noah. They will be such great big sisters. Canon will be very blessed to have such great sisters.

Julianne said...

Shelly, you look amazing! Such a beautiful pregnant mommy. :) Love the pictures, as always. We prayed you would make it this far and yet I still feel surprised. I need more faith. :) Can't wait to see all the LORD will do in and through your family.