Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

On Thursday, October 9th, Phillip turned 33 years old. It was a perfect day because Thursdays are his semi day off. I made him waffles and eggs and the girls gave him their presents.

Here are Avery and Atley giving Daddy his ZOO puzzle.

They also gave him a "Daddy and Me" book by Karen Katz....their favorite author.

We then went to the Zoo, and it was a PERFECT day. Great weather and not crowded at all. The girls had a great time seeing all the different animals and were so fun! Here they are with the giraffe's.

Avery, Daddy and Atley with a Rhino....hiding behind Atley's head.

This was my favorite part! They have Hippos swimming underwater and they come right up to the glass. The girls loved it....at first. And of course once one of them gets scared, the other gets scared too. You can see Avery watching the super close Hippo, and if you look closely you'll see Atley's body in the right side of the stroller. She was hiding her face to the side...staring intently into her stroller, like if she just doesn't look, it will go away :) so cute!

All 3 of the Hippos came up at one time right by me! Then two started playing/fighting and this really scared Avery. But it was so fun!

On Saturday we all dressed up in our MIZZOU best (Phillip changed later because he was actually going to the game, while the girls and I stayed home). It was (as always) so hard to get them both to smile for the camera...so here are our best efforts. Don't they look so big and toddlerish in their outfits?!

Me and my 3 kids....well kind of. The dot on my stomach is from them kissing Canon...so sweet :)

Atley hugging Avery



Since Phillip was at the game in Columbia, we had a "girls night" and they took their first bubble bath, in our bathtub. They were really studying the bubbles and not too sure about them at first. In fact, when I put Avery in the tub she started screaming. So she sat to the side while Atley got in and played first.

Here Avery is wathching from the side.

And she finally got in :)


The Buster Bunch said...

Looks like so much fun!!! What a beautiful family...all five of you :)

Dawntoya and Adam said...

The bubble bath is too cute