Saturday, October 4, 2008

Grant's Farm

Today we went to Grant's Farm with the girls and had a great time! We are trying to do as many things as possible before Canon gets here, and since we didn't get to go many places this summer with me on the couch, we are trying to make up for it. It was a great experience and the girls had a good time, despite being 21 months old and a little too young for most of the fun. They did enjoy the tram ride that takes you to and from the animals, and would really LOOK at all the animals with great detail and even clap for some of them.

Here is Avery and Daddy looking at the Clydesdale horses. Avery really liked this one and I ALMOST caught her smiling (a hard thing to do on Camera these days...)

Avery and Atley in their stroller. Atley wore these beads all day. She got them yesterday at the homecoming parade and once she has her "toy" for the day, she doesn't let it go.

At one point Phillip even said, "we need to put a gate around you, the way people are staring" we just laughed, because literally everyone was staring at us. Ok, mainly me and my BIG belly walking around with twins. I wouldn't have worn such a tight fitting shirt, but it is one of like 4 shirts that actually are long enough to cover me right now! I haven't bought one maternity top or bottoms this entire pregnancy. I've graciously had 3 different people lend me clothes, and now that I only have max 3 weeks left, I'm not going to go buy any now :)

You can buy milk bottles for $1 and go in and feed the goats, but we just decided to watch this year. The goats were trying to eat Phillip's shorts through the gate :)

Here we are by the Clydesdales again. Atley liked them at first but then the horse got a little too close for comfort and she clung to me the entire time after that.

I didn't even have to hold her. She was holding on so tight, and basically sitting on my was hilarious. I did have to hold her really tight after we took this picture just so she would know I wasn't going to let the horsie get her :)

Here is Avery sitting like such a big girl, watching the Animal Show. The show was 20 minutes, and we got there 15 min. early. The girls were GREAT and I was surprised at their attention span for something intended for much older kids.

clapped after every animal "performance"
Do you remember the "rodents of unusual size" from the movie Princess Bride? Well, they actually had them here! These really are the largest rodents in the world. So gross! They were just sleeping in piles of mud!

Daddy and his girls, leaving the unusually large rodents.

The girls were so good in their stroller. We didn't even have to strap them in. They would lean forward to see the animals, but would never climb out, or even ask to get out.

After Grant's Farm we went to a furniture store and bought a new chair for our living room. We then came home and rearranged some furniture/play house/the girl's room. I'll take pictures of that soon. This morning I went to a Cotton Babies sale with my friend Leah, then of course to Grant's Farm, the furniture store, Silky's for Ice Cream, and home to rearrange, we also went to a birthday party for our God Daughter, Kaily, who is turning 14! Now Phillip is in the basement with a bunch of boys watching the Mizzou vs. Nebraska game on the big screen. At least he went and got me a Starbucks before the game started so that I could leisurely relax upstairs after a very fun and active day.


the Schusters said...

Smart move on not feeding the goats... Someone I know let their daughter (who was older than the girls at tht time). When the mom turned around, the daughter was drinking the milk from the icky goat's bottle which probably doesn't get washed... ICK!!!

So cute! I love the picture of Atley hanging on for dear life!

Julianne said...

I almost called to see if you wanted to do something tonight while the boys watched the game at your house. But I thought you might be worn out from Grant's Farm. To read that you'd been all over town today - you must be exhausted!! :) Great pictures. Atley perched on your belly while screaming is my favorite, too!

The Buster Bunch said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!! I"m so glad you get to do these things with the girls. Fun for the whole family. Your belly is so big!! You look adorable!!! Love you!

Summer said...

that pic of atley clinging to you and sitting on your belly is so funny! So excited that you are able to be up and around!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

It is so weird how tiny your legs are as your stomach gets bigger and bigger:) I am amazed.