Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Pictures

Canon is doing great! He is becoming a great sleeper, and has always been a great eater. Nursing is going well and this is a huge answer to prayer. He is adjusting quite well to our little family. The girls are having fun with Nana here and it has been a HUGE help for me. They like to look at Canon and take his things, but that is about it for now. Here are some recent pictures from this past week.

Atley and Avery about to go on a walk with Nana. They are collecting pine cones for our Christmas decorations.

Cool Cat Atley

Phillip promised the girls a bubble bath the other night. Once the bubbles were in the tub, they didn't want anything to do with them. They scooted to the end of the tub and were trying to wipe away the bubbles. Needless to say, he drained the whole tub and started over, NO bubbles this time :)

Here is Canon in the hospital, about to get his clothes on to come home! Our discharge went really easy that day because I had all my papers signed and ready by 5am. I don't think I slept at all in the hospital with my nurse, the baby's nurse, the PCA, the Pediatrician, the Anesthesiologist, my OB,
and just about anyone else constantly checking on me and charting my every up and down. So what else do you do at 5am? Why not work on getting out of the hospital a day early?

There is nothing like college football in a hospital room :)

Nana and Atley, Grammie and Avery.

Yeah! Let's go home! Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks!

Sleeping in his "burrito" as Leah calls it :)

This was his second outfit on this day. I had some preemie diapers left over from the girls and thought I would try to use them up. Well, after 5 minutes in it his clothes were soaking wet! He's moving on to size 1!

Mommy and Canon

Daddy and Canon

His first Mohawk!
The end. Love to all!


Stuarts said...

He's so cute. Looking at those pictures is dangerous for me because it makes me want to have another one. Quick tell some stories of sleepless night - I need a reality check!

the Schusters said...

What a blessing that everything is going so well!!! Love the pictures! They are all super cute!!

Julianne said...

So happy to hear your prayers are being answered! Love the pics - as always. The one of the girls all bundled up made me think it was January, but it's been that cold these past couple days. :) It's great that they have Nana to entertain them!

The Buster Bunch said...

Oh how sweet he is!!!! He is a beautiful baby! I love the mohawk...too cute! The girls look so big. I can't believe they're going to be 2! You guys have a precious family of 5! Love you!

The Brambletts said...

He is just adorable! How wonderful to have such a healthy boy and I'm glad to hear that nursing is going well. Love the pictures of everyone- take care!!!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

I really cant believe this kid! (or the fact that you tried to put a preemie diaper on him:) nice try) So cute! I cant believe how you are already blogging, geez...Thanks for your comment. I am totally nervous! But the joy of bringing this little kid home will be so worth it and fun. Pray I make it!

The Durham's said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We just checked in and saw your handsome baby boy! He is adorable! We are so happy for you guys:)